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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Blog of the Week June 25, 2006

Another rather new to me blog entitled, Curiosity Killed the Cook is becoming a fast favorite of mine.. another delicious blog added to my morning routine of reading and salivating. This blog is written by a gal from Boston who is a vegetarian. I'm not big on vegetarian/vegan blogs, as well.. I'm a carnivore. I loves me my meat, yanno? With that said, I loves me my veggies as well and let me tell you, if I ever did decide to convert - this gal's blog would be my bible. Her vegetarian dishes have made my mouth water. She is definitely not your ordinary amateur chef. Her dishes are creative with flavor combinations that I'd never think of trying - that is until I've discovered them on her blog.

Okay so we've got a wonderful outlet for some extremely tasty and gorgeous looking vegetarian dishes, is that it? Oh hell no.. she's a baker too. Her cookies, cakes, scones, brownies, sweet breads and other assorted goodies are almost too much to take. She's also just starting to learn how to decorate cakes, which amazed me, as her first cake was absolutely gorgeous and reminded me so much of my first (bazillion) attempts - and by attempts, I mean failures - at decorating cakes. And by decorating I mean simply frosting. heee!

By now, my faithful handful of readers, you should know that along with terrific recipes, pretty pictures and "real" food, my other requirement to being a truly wonderful blog is that the writer has a good sense of humor.. I need to giggle, to feel the writer's pain and joy in their failures and victories. I like those blogs that not only make me want to read them to discover great recipes to try myself, but to also wonder how they are going to crack me up with each new discovery of their own. S.C. fits the bill perfectly. Her writing is wonderful and she hides no emotions when telling the tale of why she tried a recipe, what she went through to make the recipe and her feelings on the outcome of said recipe. There is one post (one of very many that I have enjoyed so very much, but one that I could truly relate to, so far in my reading) that I have to highlight here to show you just how funny this gal is.

Had enough to pique your interest yet? I'm not finished! So far we have delicious vegetarian dishes to discover, awesome baked goodies to drool over and a fantastic sense of humor to bring out those unsuspecting belly laughs, but there is also her quest to cook at least one recipe from all 243 (!) countries around the world. Hello? How cool is that? Especially for this gal who doesn't see herself travelling too far from the Armpit of the Midwest, now I can live vicariously through S.C.'s adventures! That just tickles me pink. =)

Okay kids.. if you haven't checked her out yet.. make Curiosity Killed the Cook the next stop on your culinary blog reading travels :D Hurry!


Comments on "Blog of the Week June 25, 2006"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6/25/2006 7:13 PM) : 

Thanks for the recommendation. Always looking to add to my list of food blogs


Blogger Lis said ... (6/26/2006 6:28 AM) : 

You're welcome peabody. I hope you enjoy reading her blog! :D


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