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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Blog of the Week July 2, 2006

What I am finding in my blogging travels is that there are soooo many great "real food" home chefs out there. I'm talking about people who create the kind of food that looks and tastes delicious but isn't overly fancy. They don't present their food with an emphasis on fancy decoration or techniques hard to understand by the average home cook. These are the blogs I enjoy the most. Oh sure, I love the blogs from those that have the knack of making their food look almost too good to eat, more like a magazine layout than a pictorial showing of what they had for dinner last night. They are great.. but those are the recipes I'm least likely to try as they are intimidating to me. It's silly of me, I know.. but give me a gal or guy who can concoct delicious meals or deserts that make me want to make them the instant I see them, knowing I won't have a hard time finding the ingredients or recreating something that looks close to what they've created, any day!

Which brings me to today's salute to Rachel of Coconut & Lime. She is a wonderful cook who isn't afraid of creating recipes from whatever ingredients she has in her kitchen. She'll look at a lone apple sitting in her fruit bowl and realize she's got some limes that are close to passing their time and BOOM! She's got a yummy looking Key Lime & Apple bread that's moist, delicious and the perfect fare for a breakfast on the go. This would be me looking at my fruit bowl this morning and seeing 3 donut peaches and 3 fresh mission figs and creating something spectacular out of them. Yeah right. Maybe separately, but not together.. I'm just not that creative. Rachel is, though! Much to my delight :)

I have to admit, the name of this blog is what caught my eye in the first place. My most favorite Bath & Body Works scent is their Coconut Lime Verbena. They make an overly priced air freshener that you load up with your favorite scent and plug into your outlets that last about a month. I am addicted to them and if you were to walk into my house at any given day this is the aroma that will hit your senses the instant you walk in the front door. (Unless, of course, I'm cooking, then you'll most likely smell garlic. teee!) So when I saw Rachel's blog, I figured it just had to be good! I was right.. her recipes are her own and each and every one of them is truly worthy of trying to recreate in your own kitchen. Please, go check out Coconut & Lime and see what I mean! :D


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Blogger Rachel said ... (7/05/2006 1:01 PM) : 

Aren't you sweet! Thanks for picking me!


Blogger Lis said ... (7/06/2006 5:27 AM) : 

Thanks for a fantastic blog to read! :D


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