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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blog of the Week October 15, 2006

When I was paired with Helene of Tartelette for the last BBM event, I was more than a little nervous. I didn't really know her. And then I took a look at her blog and was firstly blown away by her beautiful pastries and baking skills and then secondly even more nervous than before knowing anything about her. She's a pastry chef and a personal trainer. I panicked.. I mean, seriously, what could I make in my little kitchen that a FRENCH PASTRY CHEF would like?? And do I go with something sweet because, obviously, she must like sweets - she's a pastry chef for crying out loud - or do I go with something "healthy" because she's a personal trainer and might not eat what she bakes?? God. After much thought and the realization that there is probably nothing too different to send her from Ohio that she can't already get in South Carolina, I decided to send her locally made items and as for that something personal that came from my kitchen? Well.. I went with the hopes that if she didn't partake in all of her baking, then her husband must surely reap those rewards so I went with simple little candies called "Buckeyes" because they represent Ohio so well. THANKFULLY she liked what she received! I was SOOOOOO relieved! ha!

Since being introduced to Helene by the BBM, I have visited her site regularly - daily as a matter of fact. I've gotten to know a little more about her and I now look back and wonder why I was so nervous. Although we really can't get to know each other too well from just reading our blogs, as most of us concentrate on what we bake/cook rather than lots of personal information, from what I have learned I can confidently say that I would be proud to be Helene's friend. She's such a warm soul who is very giving and makes you feel comfortable when entering her "virtual" kitchen. Her skills are amazing but grounded, in my humble opinion. She's very creative and innovative in her baking but she doesn't share recipes and techniques that a less skilled home baker would feel nervous about trying. Her instructions are easy to follow and her recipes range from the very naughty, rich and decadent desserts to more lighter and figure friendly delights. Her pictures will make your mouth water and her background stories are always a pleasure to read.

Whether you are a novice baker, a more experienced baker or just someone who prefers to bake once in a blue moon you can not go wrong in adding Tartelette to your blogroll. There is something for everyone to enjoy with the added bonus of getting to know an accomplished pastry chef and very sweet woman.



Comments on "Blog of the Week October 15, 2006"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/16/2006 8:45 AM) : 

I am speechless and according to my family not an easy thing to achieve. Thank you for featuring me as your blog of the week. Everything you wrote was so sweet. I love,from every fiber of my soul, what I do and learning about getting better everyday.
We did enjoy the buckeyes and all the other goodies.
I would have you in my kitchen in a flash too as I drool over your dinner everytime I stop by.
Everything you said: right back at you chica!


Blogger Lis said ... (10/20/2006 4:03 AM) : 

Helene! I am so sorry I missed your comment! =(

I am happy you enjoyed your package - happy and relieved! hehee

I can so tell that you love what you do - and being selfish, I'm so glad that you do love it as I get to drool over your blog on a daily basis :D And thank you for the sweet words *hugs*!


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