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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More banana goodness!

My good friend and mother of Phoebe (who I have a HUGE crush on), Marce over at Pip in the City posted about this "ice cream" a couple weeks ago and the very second I read the recipe, I knew I had to make it.

Holy Mother Of All That Is Tasty is this banana ice cream excellent! And it has no added sugar and no preservatives. It's all natural. COMPLETELY natural!


I chose to have mine with a drizzle of fat-free caramel ice cream topping over it and Hubbs went plain jane. Although mine was quite tasty, let's just say that indulging in this stuff without any added toppings is blissfully delightful as well.

THIS is a dieting gal's dream come true. Without truly measuring anything, I'm guessing that 1/2 cup of the "ice cream" is probably one whole banana, and in WW terms, I think that's 1.5 - 2 points. Not too shabby for an "ice cream" that doesn't give you that grainy texture and icky fake sugar after taste. This banana ice cream is velvety with no after taste. This would also be a healthful treat for kids - they'd never know they were eating frozen bananas and not real banana ice cream!

Here are the ingredients:

Frozen banana slices

Sliced bananas on wax paper fully frozen (about 6-8 hrs in the freezer, although I left mine in for about a day).



A food processor!

That's it.. process until creamy. At first they didn't look like they were going to get creamy, they turned into a gravel like consistency and I thought for sure I somehow screwed up. It's totally in the realm, people. I COULD screw up a dessert that only had ONE ingredient. But I just kept processing and eventually it turned into thick and creamy "ice cream". =)


Marce suggested in her recipe to freeze the "ice cream" for 15 minutes after processing it.. but I couldn't wait (plus I prefer "soft serve" over "hard pack" anyway) and it was just delish! She also said that you probably shouldn't eat this after 3 days in the freezer because it has no preservatives, but uhh.. it didn't make it past 2 days in my freezer. heee!

I used 4 bananas and got about 3 - 3.5 cups of "ice cream"

Banana lovers - try it!

Thanks Marce.. I am forever in your debt. =)



Hi! So I'm TOTALLY goofing off at work.. and as I'm looking for a completely different and NONfoodie article in our local paper, I COINCIDENTALLY came across this and thought I HAVE TO SHARE!! hehe

Banana & Coconut Ice Cream
Makes 4 servings (about 2 cups)

¼ to ½ cup shredded sweetened coconut
2 very ripe large bananas
½ cup unsweetened coconut milk, chilled
1 tablespoon superfine sugar, or to taste
Squeeze of fresh lime juice
A few drops of dark rum, if de sired

Preliminaries: Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Place the coco nut on a sheet pan and bake, tossing occasionally, until it is golden, about 4 minutes. Watch carefully so it does not burn. Set aside to cool.

Preparation: Peel the bananas. Slice into ½-inch slices and place them on a cookie sheet. Freeze until solid, at least 1 hour.
Blend the frozen banana slices in a food processor until roughly chopped. Add the coconut milk, sugar, lime juice and rum, if desired, and continue processing, scraping the sides down occasionally until it is the consistency of ice cream, 1 to 2 minutes. (Although at first the mixture will seem granular, as the bananas thaw slightly, it will become very creamy.)

Presentation: Serve at once or freeze up to ½ hour before serving. Scatter toasted coconut over each serving.

A lil more work.. a few more ingredients.. but way yummy sounding! :D

Okay.. get back to work!! Lazy ass.


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Comments on "More banana goodness!"


Blogger Meeta K. Wolff said ... (4/25/2007 7:30 AM) : 

That Marce is a genius. Lis, this looks soo good and I think I will try it - I actually made a custard for ice cream yesterday and will be putting it into the ice cream later. But this is one you can really whip up within hours. NICE!


Blogger breadchick said ... (4/25/2007 7:36 AM) : 

ok Lis...I am really starting to miss my kitchen. First you have that banana and chocolate thing AND now you show me THIS??!! Before breakfast??!!! And now all I want for breakfast isn't a nice bowl of healthy oatmeal BUT rather a big ole bowl of banana ice cream....


Blogger Gattina Cheung said ... (4/25/2007 8:08 AM) : 

your version's just like Italian ice-cream. You two are genius!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4/25/2007 8:31 AM) : 

Very nice! Bananas aren't my favourite but I would gladly dig into this with you!


Blogger MyKitchenInHalfCups said ... (4/25/2007 8:42 AM) : 

I saw Marce's and put it on my list to do, You've just moved it to the top of the list! All I need are ... the bananas! After yoga a stop for bananas, tonight I'll be feasting on this.
This so should have been in Ilva's HotM event!


Blogger Cheryl said ... (4/25/2007 8:58 AM) : 

Every time I see this I say I must try it and still haven't done it yet. Oh and with the topping, that is just fantastic looking.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4/25/2007 9:14 AM) : 

How very neat! I'm a big banana fan and I'm already dreaming of topping it with some chopped strawberries and a little chocolate sauce.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4/25/2007 9:19 AM) : 

Hi Lis! Shawnda has a good point - there are all kinds of banana split-y style potentials here! :D


Blogger Freya said ... (4/25/2007 9:23 AM) : 

Banana Ice Cream! With just Bananas! Genius! I'm making some tonight for Paul!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4/25/2007 10:44 AM) : 

Who knew frozen bananas + food processer would yield such a creamy, delicious concoction. Yummy!!


Blogger Linda said ... (4/25/2007 11:03 AM) : 

i must agree with meeta here--- it is genius. this looks soooooo delish! wow. sinful even.


Blogger Laura Rebecca said ... (4/25/2007 12:57 PM) : 

Whoa! Good idea -- I'm going to have to try that soon!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4/25/2007 3:24 PM) : 

Another Mmmmmmmm banana recipe. My fav. I saw something similar on YouTube or something -- nearly the same. Frozen Bananas dipped in antioxidant rich dark chocolate are fab also.


Blogger Brilynn said ... (4/25/2007 6:09 PM) : 

I like freezing bananas and then dipping them in chocolate and eating them...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4/25/2007 9:46 PM) : 


FINALLY! A way for my poor and non-icecreammachine-owning butt to indulge! I think I'm gonna give the coconut version a go over the weekend - mmmm!


Blogger Thistlemoon said ... (4/25/2007 10:48 PM) : 

Wow, delicious and nutritious, you cannot go wrong with that combo. Did it taste as sinful as it looks?


Blogger Elle said ... (4/25/2007 11:35 PM) : 

You put the lime in the coconut and then you feel old song, but sounds like, with some bannana, too, like this recipe. Good for you and good, too. Mmmmm.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4/26/2007 3:54 AM) : 

I actually stumble upon this banana icecream via Lucullian Delights. Great! I will make it.


Blogger Patricia Scarpin said ... (4/26/2007 8:13 AM) : 

Well, well, young lady - not happy to torture us with only ONE wonderful banana recipe you come up with this?

I'll forgive you, but just this time. ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4/26/2007 11:07 AM) : 

Wow!!!!! I love this banana and chocolate, your are a genius. Mamamia


Blogger Lis said ... (4/26/2007 11:08 AM) : 

Why thanks gals! But I can't take the credit for this.. if it were not for Marce I'd never had known. Check her blog periodically, because I believe she said she's going to try with other fruits. :D



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4/26/2007 12:05 PM) : 

Have to say that the proscepct of frozen, mushed up banana didn't sound very appealing until I saw your results! YUM! and the upgrade sounds yummy too!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4/26/2007 1:47 PM) : 

Really, just bananas? Oh my....delicious! I can't wait to try this.


Blogger Deborah said ... (4/26/2007 2:56 PM) : 

Do you think this would work in a blender? I don't have a food processor (gasp!) and I really want to try this!


Blogger Lisa Fain (Homesick Texan) said ... (4/26/2007 3:29 PM) : 

Brilliant! I can't wait to try it!


Blogger Callipygia said ... (4/26/2007 5:52 PM) : 

I used to make this too, but would stir in rum/brandy and stir in toasted walnuts and choc chunks. A homemade Chunky Monkey. Glad you can still have your ice cream.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4/26/2007 7:35 PM) : 

great recipe...looks devine....thanks for sharing


Blogger Kirsten said ... (4/27/2007 12:03 AM) : 

OH MY that looks good. What a great idea!! Yum! :)


Blogger Susan from Food Blogga said ... (4/29/2007 3:37 PM) : 

I didn't know healthy could look so decadent. I'm drooling!


Blogger Koren said ... (5/09/2007 9:12 PM) : 

I made the Banana Ice Cream and it was amazing. I still am shocked as to how creamy it is. Wonder if you can do this with any other fruits?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5/30/2007 2:16 PM) : 

That is just amazing! I have a really restricted diet to help control my Multiple Sclerosis; so no dairy, no wheat, no legumes, no processed sugar, in short no FUN, but I think that's just reappeared on my map for the summer. Thank you so much for sharing!


Blogger Effe said ... (6/18/2007 3:44 AM) : 

Thank you for this! This recipe is absolutely amazing!!! I added some rum and raisins to banana ice cream, but it was already good without it anyway! thank you again ))


Blogger Lis said ... (6/18/2007 5:54 AM) : 

Happy to have helped you find a treat you can have, Bryn!

Elenia - Ohh now that sounds wonderful! Thanks for letting me know. :D



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2/26/2010 10:41 PM) : 

Add some frozen raspberries to the food processor for a delicious taste and a beautiful pink colour.


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