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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daring Bakers May 2009 Challenge - Strudel!

Hey cute people :)

This is going to be short and sweet..

Unfortunately I had another lil hiccup with my health and spent a few days in the hospital this month. I hadn't made my strudel before I went in and now that I'm home again, strudel just isn't in the cards for me.. I'm now on a fat free, low-carb, no salt diet.. so I am really enjoying sugar-free pudding and tomatoes. :P

I suppose after abusing my body for 40 some years, it had to catch up with me, eh? I'm going to get better though.. and will conquer another DB challenge in the future, but ya'll have to forgive me this month. 'kay? :)

Please make sure to check out the blogroll at The Daring Kitchen and go give Linda of make life sweeter and Courtney of Coco Cooks a lil extra loving for picking such a kick-ass challenge! They were both wonderful hostesses this month and we are forever grateful!!

Bake on Gorgeous Daring Baker Type People! :)


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Comments on "Daring Bakers May 2009 Challenge - Strudel!"


Blogger Jennywenny said ... (5/27/2009 12:42 AM) : 

Oh dear. Get well soon. I didnt manage the challenge either.


Blogger Lauren said ... (5/27/2009 12:45 AM) : 

I hope you are feeling better soon! Have been enjoying your blog and fun, uplifting writing style for quite some time. :)

Take a look at my low carb recipes--maybe they'll perk ya up? Been eating that way for three years and pretty much makes you feel amazing. Don't lose heart. Rest up!


Blogger Deeba PAB said ... (5/27/2009 5:57 AM) : 

Oh dear, do get well soon. Life can be trying at times, but can see you are making good with sugar-free pudding & tomatoes. Love your spirit...


Blogger Andrea Meyers said ... (5/27/2009 6:53 AM) : 

Ack! I hope you are back to health soon. Take care of yourself and do let me know if you need anything.


Blogger Dharm said ... (5/27/2009 7:03 AM) : 

Health first my dear! I hope you get better soon and I know how you feel - everything starts to show up as we get older... but who says we are old???!!! Love lots!


Blogger Mary said ... (5/27/2009 7:39 AM) : 

I hope you feel better soon! Tomatoes are good. Not such a fan of sugar free pudding though. Let me know if you need anything!


Blogger Aparna Balasubramanian said ... (5/27/2009 7:48 AM) : 

Take care and here's wishing you a "get better quickly".
Health is definitely first priority.
Btw, sugar-free and tomatoes can be good too, just takes a little getting used to. :)


Blogger BC said ... (5/27/2009 8:14 AM) : 

I'm so sorry you're not feeling well.


Blogger Laura Rebecca said ... (5/27/2009 8:34 AM) : 

Oh, honey, I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. Here's to your good health!


Blogger Helene said ... (5/27/2009 9:24 AM) : 

Dudette, I am just glad to have you home and kicking :)
You can do this and with humor as stress relief, no doubt.
Love yas :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5/27/2009 9:31 AM) : 

Oh yet another venue in which to pitch a bitch...better be a good girl..I80 to 480 is but a stones throw away!!!


Blogger Natalie, aka "Sheltie Girl" said ... (5/27/2009 10:28 AM) : 

I'm so sorry you got so ill. It's always a bummer to have to spend time in the hospital, even if your care staff is nice. I hope you get well soon.

I've had to watch my carbs since I went gf. As traditional gf eating isn't kind on the carb count. It does take a little while to get used to the change in diet, but once you do, it's hard ot go back to eating the old way.

Get Well Soon!!!!!

Natalie @ Gluten a Go Go


Blogger Barbara Bakes said ... (5/27/2009 10:56 AM) : 

Oh dear - I always look forward to your DB posts! Get will soon.


Blogger Rose said ... (5/27/2009 12:19 PM) : 

aw.... get better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5/27/2009 12:39 PM) : 

Jeeze my sweet - I'm so sorry! I'm sending you tons and tons of love and healing vibes - and you let me know if you want any extra help in the "kitchen"!


Anonymous Wolf said ... (5/27/2009 12:50 PM) : 

Awww, I hope you feel better soon!

This was a great challenge and I'm sure we all made and ate more than enough strudel for ya.}:P


Anonymous veron said ... (5/27/2009 3:28 PM) : 

You have such a positive outlook on things...that alone will see you through the no-salt sugar free diet. Besides, aren't you glad tomatoes are allowed? Be well! *hugs*


Anonymous kellypea said ... (5/27/2009 7:40 PM) : 

Big wet sloppy kisses. Okay, so maybe not. Hugs, perhaps? I owe, owe, owe you my dear. Please get well.


Blogger glamah16 said ... (5/27/2009 9:17 PM) : 

Hope you get better. I has to cut the salt too, and should be cutting the other stuff to perhaps. But Im being inventive and getting used to low/no salt. You will be surprised!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5/27/2009 10:22 PM) : 

Lis, I'm just so glad you're better. So what if you weren't ablr to turn out some strudel dough sheets that looked like Silence of the Lambs skin? :P Mine did, though, and I should have taken a photo when it did!

Anyhoo, when you're eating all that bland food, pretend you have a cold and all that yummy sweet, saltiness and fat is ACTUALLY there but disguised by your stuffy nose ;D
*huge hugs and kisses*

BTW....I'll marry you any day, especially after what that bastard did to me, as he cuddles with his frumpy beeotch.


Blogger Jenny said ... (5/27/2009 10:25 PM) : 

Oh dear, I do hope you are feeling better and taking care of yourself!


Blogger Barbara said ... (5/28/2009 7:06 AM) : 

Sorry to hear that Lis. Hope you are on the road to recovery now.


Blogger Audax said ... (5/28/2009 8:42 AM) : 

Hope you are feeling better soon. More important to get your health into top gear first. Wish you well on the salt-free carb-free and taste-free diet - just kidding it will take you a little while but you will find that you don't need salt and sugar to taste the finer things in life. Get well soon Cheers from Audax.


Blogger Lauren said ... (5/28/2009 5:09 PM) : 

I hope you feel better soon!!


Blogger Caribbean Dreamer said ... (5/30/2009 1:01 PM) : 

Lisa...I didn't know! I hope you're feeling better soon....take it one day at a time and kick butt on improving your health. We want you to stick around for a very long time so you can entertain us! xoxox


Anonymous Dave Jones said ... (5/30/2009 1:45 PM) : 

Get well soon...take care.


Blogger Chris said ... (5/30/2009 3:44 PM) : 

Lis! Please take care you U! Girl, what am i going to do with you?


Blogger Holly said ... (6/02/2009 12:06 AM) : 

I hope you're feeling better! Take care of yourself.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6/04/2009 10:24 PM) : 

Whoa.........this is an eye-opener. I didn't expect to read this news when I opened your blog. Do take care so you can rebound, el pronto. I'm sending you good vibes. Drop me an address and I'll surprise you with something. Seriously.
Take care, sweet lady!


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