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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Daring Kitchen 2009 Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

HEY! You three over there – yes, you! My last 3 readers!! Pass this along, will you? Mucho huge-o thanks!! ;)

The Daring Kitchen 2009 Holiday Gift Guide! Featuring 100 hot, unique and affordable gifts for those hard-to-find-for people on your list!

Several merchants in the top 20 items have given Daring Kitchen members a discount on either their merchandise or shipping.. can’t beat that!

Click HERE to read all about it and to also download the guide in .pdf format. Oh yeah, we gotcha covered! ;)

My friend, John, just posted this to his FB account. I had to share here to get us all in the Xmas spirit while we're online shopping! hehehehehehee!

PS - I wouldn't drink any beverage while listening to this.. you might cause harm to your monitor and/or choke. ;) xoxo


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