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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Blog of the Week March 25, 2006

For months now I've wanted my own blog. At first I thought it would be therapeutic for me. A way to keep a journal of what I was feeling. But after much consideration, I realized I didn't want your normal everyday blog where it's all about me. I mean, hell.. that's what my best friends are for right? I call them.. I bitch.. they tell me to grow up. Done! Doesn't cost me a thing and I usually get an offer for lunch or time spent with my nieces and nephews. Bonus! But the appeal of joining the millenium and having some kind of online journal was still pretty strong. One day I happened upon my first food blog.. I was hooked. A way to express myself AND share recipes? Perfect. So I kept reading these blogs.. and although I enjoy each and every one of them.. some are just awe-inspiring to me. These guys and gals know how to make me laugh, drool over a dish, inspire me to create my own dishes with ingredients I've not yet incorporated into my cooking, get up every morning - grab my coffee - and greedily try to read all their new posts before I have to get in the shower for work! hehehe

So, my Blog of the Week feature is just my way of showing my appreciation for the blogs out there that give me that lil extra something that makes me look forward to their next post. =)

I'm starting it out with Ali's Something So Clever. No, not because she created my kick ass website! But because this gal is hilarious! And her recipes and pictures on her site make me drooooooool =) Check her out, if you haven't already!


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Blogger Ziz said ... (3/26/2006 12:07 AM) : 

Thank you for your compliments! You are too sweet. :D


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