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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blog of the Week April 23, 2006

For my 5th week of saluting my favorite blogs to read, I've chosen Ivonne and her Cream Puffs in Venice. I came across Ivonne the same way I came across Ilva's Lucullian delights, searching for that elusive sauce recipe.

I enjoy Ivonne's stories and recipes quite a bit, but what I really love are those that pertain to her family traditions. So much like my own family, yet different as well. Her photos are always beautiful and elegant and she really allows the reader to understand where a particular craving or recipe comes from.

Another nice thing about Cream Puffs in Venice is that Ivonne creates themes each month. April is lemons - and does she find some yummy looking recipes that contain that fruit! Her theme during the 2006 Winter Olympics was food from the region of Piedmont, Italy. I learned so much about Italy through those posts! And the food looked absolutely luscious =)

Ivonne's sense of humor and making the reader feel welcome is truly worth checking out her blog - my guess is that you'll add her to your favorites, if you already haven't. =)


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