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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blog of the Week April 30, 2006

Nicki's Bakingsheet is one of those blogs that I look forward to every morning. She posts often with fabulous photos and descriptions of what's she created that day. You can tell how much she enjoys being in the kitchen, which I find inspiring. Her deserts look so fabulous and you can practically smell the scent of warm, homemade bread when she shares a recipe. My list of "to try recipes" has steadily grown very long due to the additions of her offerings. I've actually dedicated a section in my recipe notebook to Nic! If there's a slim chance that you haven't visited her site yet (and I'm sure there can't be that many out there who haven't) please go visit as soon as you can.. you'll marvel and drool as much as I do, I can guarantee it =)


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