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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Blog of the Week April 9, 2006

I don't recall how I stumbled upon Marianne's The Unemployed Cook, I just know I'm so glad I did.

Marianne has this way of describing her culinary adventures in such a way that it inspires me to cook more and to cook things I've never either heard of or thought I could handle (her latest post telling about her brioche success has totally made me want to try making bread - something I never ever wanted to attempt before). Her recipes were the highlight of my mom's birthday this past weekend and my gawd, she's even given me the desire to not only try curry for the first time, but to make it for hubbs when he gets home from this job! A meal with spice? Unheard of! Hubbs is going to lurrvveee me forever! =)

Not only are her choices economical and tasty sounding (and looking!) but they are so creative.. regardless if it's a recipe from one of her friends or an inspiration from something she's seen, she makes an ordinary dish.. well.. extraordinary! You really need to check out her blog if you haven't already.. you truly won't be sorry. =)


Comments on "Blog of the Week April 9, 2006"


Blogger Marianne said ... (4/10/2006 6:30 PM) : 

You are such a doll, thank you! I am thrilled that the birthday dinner was such a success, and your kind words have made my day. You should come by my blog and check out the new design, I'm like a blushing parent.


Blogger Lis said ... (4/10/2006 9:19 PM) : 

awwww well you've made a big impact on me. I love your style =)


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