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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Confessions in Groups of 5

I'm so excited.. my very first meme! And not only tagged by the beautiful and talented Ilva of Lucullian Delights but also tagged by the equally beautiful and talented Ellie of Kitchen Wench! Awww, thanks for thinking of me gals! =)

5 items in the freezer

Butter - I always have frozen butter on hand. MY GOD.
Non-dairy creamer - If I were to wake up one day and not have cream for my coffee I'd probably hurl myself out a window. 'kay not really, but you see how important it is, yes?
Ice cream - What self respecting icecreamaholic would not have AT LEAST 2 pints of Haagen Dazs' Mayan Chocolate in their freezer??
Herbs - A lot of times I will have an over abundance of herbs, instead of letting them go bad in my veggie bin of the fridge, I package them loosely in freezer bags or submerge them in water in my ice cube trays and freeze 'em.
Meat - Oh you'll find beef, pork, poultry, fish, seafood.. yeah, it's a fully stocked frozen meats department conveniently located in my 3 (three!) freezers :D

5 items in my closet

Clothes - What'd ya think I was gonna say, "Sausage"?
Shoes - I'm slowly becoming a shoes hound.
Bed linens - My linen closet is too full with bath & misc. stuff :P
Dust Bunnies - One day I'll get around to cleaning those outta there.. or at least, naming them.
Birthday presents - Shhhhhhh!! It's my secret hiding place!

5 items in my car

CDs - Gotsta have me my music!
Umbrella - I insist on moving it from each old car to new car that I own, because you just never know when the day might come that I'll remember I have a flippin' umbrella and actually USE IT.
Assorted ice scrapers - Let's not forget I come from the land of blizzards.
Spare change - I've always got at least $5.00 in coins throughout my vehicle.

5 items in my purse

Nail polish
Lighters - One day I had no flame to light my cig ITWILLNEVERHAPPENAGAIN

Tag 5 people

Ali of Something So Clever
Laura Rebecca of Laura Rebecca's Kitchen
Kevin of ACME Instant Food
Ed of Is it EDible?
Emily of Biscuits and Blues


Comments on "Confessions in Groups of 5"


Blogger Laura Rebecca said ... (6/22/2006 5:39 PM) : 

D'oh! I've been tagged! (And I can't tag you back.) ;)


Blogger Acme Instant Food said ... (6/22/2006 7:01 PM) : 

I don't know what this means??? I'm confused! Somebody tell a joke!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6/22/2006 8:52 PM) : 

Mmmm, ice-cream!!! And I totally know how you feel about lighters - I've usually got at least 3 on my person at any one time :P

P.S. You should absolutely name the dust bunnies. Can I adopt one and name it Augustus? :D


Blogger Lis said ... (6/23/2006 3:12 AM) : 

LR - teee!

Kevin - rofl! Copy my post and then fill in the 5 things under each category with your own answers, blog it ;)

Ellie - YES! You are so now the proud adoptive parent of Augustus the dust bunny :D


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