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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blog of the Week October 1, 2006

Ever come across those blogs that are so well written that you find yourself hours later still sitting in front of them mesmerized by the pictures painted in words? I'm talking so well written that it doesn't bother you a bit that the blog isn't loaded with pictures of recipes created or actually even loaded with recipes?

I've found such a blog.

Callipygia of FOODchair owns that blog. I love her writing - the way she takes me to the time and place of her stories. How she makes me feel as if I'm sitting in her kitchen while she is making a meal and telling me the tale of why she loves the food she is preparing at that moment. Her words are like a symphony to me.. I feel highs, lows and plateaus while reading what she's written. I lose myself and time because I'm hanging on every vision that forms before my eyes. Seriously, I'm quite taken with this blog and I'm thankful that I came across it. My only problem with FOODchair is that it isn't updated as frequently as I'd like it to be. But I guess if Callipygia were to do that she'd have no time for anything else because I wouldn't be happy until I saw a new post every hour on the hour. ;)

Don't get me wrong when I say that I don't mind the blog isn't loaded with recipes, because it is.. each entry is regarding a treasured recipe or food and some do have step by step instructions, but the entries I love most are the ones where she offers ways to prepare that food. She does it in a way that allows you to be creative on your own.. there usually isn't an ingredient list and step by step instructions. Instead what she does is gives you a guideline to follow so that you can use your own imagination and tweak her foundation to fit your lifestyle and tastes. The reason for this? Because I don't think she has a recipe to follow when she creates her meals. She thinks in flavors and textures and then mixes and sautes and kneads and well.. you get the idea. She is inspiring - to say the very least.

There is so much more that I want to say about this blog, but sitting here I can't seem to find the words to accurately do so. I've deleted whole sentences over and over again because what I write doesn't come close to articulating how I feel. I'm not good at that.. but Callipygia is. Instead what I'm going to do is give you a couple links that I love so you can see for yourself what I'm trying to badly describe here. Please keep in mind.. these two links are not the cream of the crop.. or the tip of the iceberg, to throw out a couple cliches. There is so much more to this blog - but I'll allow you to discover for yourself. My finest suggestion would be.. don't click on the links to the entries I'm going to share or on the main link of her blog until you've got yourself a little time and maybe a hot cup of tea or coffee to sip on while you read. This blog is not one to check out in a hurry because once you start reading, anything else planned for the next hour or so will fall to the wayside..

Cheers to Callipygia.. thank you for sharing with us.


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Blogger Julie said ... (10/02/2006 10:31 AM) : 

I have not seen this blog before. After your wonderful endorsement, I'm really anxious to read it. Thanks!


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