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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Went South of the Border for My Lasagna

I made this a couple nights ago, because another slice of turkey was going to make me implode. I found the recipe in one of the Cooking Light magazines, but their recipe was basically vegetarian and although it did sound tasty, we wanted beef. I kept searching for something but the idea of a mexican lasagna sounded really, really good. So I used their "technique" and subbed ingredients I had on hand.

Simply put, you substitute corn tortillas for lasagna noodles. Layering the tortillas between ground beef (ground chicken or turkey would work really well too) simmered in taco seasonings, cheese, salsa, black olives and sliced green onions. Bake until the cheese is golden and bubbly and you've got a quick dish that turned out pretty good. It was like a deconstructed taco! The corn tortillas were a lil tough though and the next time I make this I will use flour tortillas, for sure. Oh yeah, I guess I should mention.. my version is no longer of the "light" variety. Imagine that! Although it could easily be taken there again by using ground chicken or turkey breast and reduced fat cheese and sour cream. Which I think would still be delicious. :D

Mexican Lasagna 3
Mexican Lasagna Lisa's Way
Adapted from Cooking Light Magazine - find original recipe here.

1 lb. ground sirloin
1 tsp. vegetable or canola oil
1 TBS. chili powder
1 1/2 tsp. cumin
2 TBS. Worcestershire sauce
1 pkg. 6" corn tortillas (usually 10 in a package)
2 c. Mexican blend shredded cheese or Monterey Jack cheese
1 jar salsa (I used a chunky garden-style salsa)
1 small can of sliced black olives
5 green onions, sliced thin
Cooking spray
Sour cream (optional)

Preheat oven to 400ยบ F.

In a large skillet brown the sirloin with 1 tsp. oil, add the chili powder, cumin and Worcestershire sauce.

Spray an 8" x 8" Pyrex baking dish with the cooking spray and layer 4 of the tortillas on the bottom. Sprinkle a handful of cheese on the tortillas and then a layer of beef over the cheese. Next comes the salsa, a few tablespoons will do ya.

Mexican Lasagna 1

Then sprinkle olives and green onions, followed by another small handful of cheese. Repeat layer starting with 2 tortillas laid diagonally over cheese. Top this layer with the last 2 tortillas, the remaining cheese and the remaining green onions.

Mexican Lasagna 2

Bake for 30 minutes in preheated oven or until the cheese is bubbly. Let set for about 5 minutes so it's easier to cut and serve. Top each serving with a dollop of sour cream and more sliced onions, if you so desire.

Mexican Lasagna 4

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Comments on "I Went South of the Border for My Lasagna"


Blogger Meeta K. Wolff said ... (11/29/2006 8:04 AM) : 

My mouth is watering - literally! I have not had lunch and this souonds soooo good! You're torturing me!


Blogger Brilynn said ... (11/29/2006 9:03 AM) : 

What a great take on the traditional!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/29/2006 8:57 PM) : 

Ole! My hubby loves when I make mexican lasagna. Yours looks quite tasty.


Blogger Gattina Cheung said ... (11/30/2006 12:38 AM) : 

Thanks for the tip for using flour tortillas, you'll see me try my hand on it for next party *kiss*


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/01/2006 9:12 AM) : 

Fantastic twist - and definetely something worth bearing in mind when you find yourself without lasagna sheets!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/01/2006 1:09 PM) : 

That looks so delicious! Best of both worlds..yum!


Blogger Rachel said ... (12/01/2006 5:41 PM) : 

It sounds yummy! Many if you dipped the tortillas in the sauce first they would have been softer. That's what we did with the corn tortillas in our turkey enchiladas and it came out great!


Blogger Lis said ... (12/02/2006 5:19 AM) : 

Meeta - am sorry! hehe

Brilynn - it is, isn't it?

peabody - I'd love to see yours!

Gattina - I can't wait to see your presentation :D

ellie muh luv - yes that's true. And it's less messy than a regular taco. haha

rachel - you bring up a good point. When I make my chicken enchiladas I dip them in warm cream first to soften them up - I wish I would have thought about that when I made this. Definitely next time =)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/02/2006 7:38 PM) : 

It looks oozey and good!


Blogger jasmine said ... (12/02/2006 9:35 PM) : 

Clever girl!



Blogger Meeta K. Wolff said ... (12/04/2006 2:50 AM) : 

So sweetie I just had to come back and let you know ... I made this on the weekend. Added black beans and a few peppers instead of the olives and I have to say my boys loved it. i wish I had made a larger portion because it's all gone!!! Lisa it was brilliant and I'm glad I joined you south of the border for this one!!


Blogger Lis said ... (12/04/2006 6:44 AM) : 

Meeta - Yay! Am so glad you liked it. =)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/11/2006 8:49 AM) : 


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