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Friday, November 10, 2006

There is such a thing as a perfect birthday...

You guys!! You just rock! Thank you all for such lovely wishes for my birthday.. I was blown away - seriously!

I really figured the day would just come and go without much notice - and I was okay with that, I mean.. more than okay. Numbers really never effected me before. My 35th was chock full of "you're getting old" jokes and ha ha aren't you funny people. NOT. But I took it all in stride and didn't put too much thought into getting older. And without going into too much detail (as it's all been talked about over and over again) about what happened in my life this past year, the numbers did start to get to me. Not so much, "Gah. I'm almost 40" ('kay well a lil "Gah!" here and a lil "Blah!" there hehe) but "WOO! Looks like I'm really gonna make it to 40!" when around this time last year, it was questionable.

But did I expect all of your good wishes? Your adorable and sweet e-cards and e-mails? Your cards sent to my home?? The BEST birthday present a gal could ever ask for, nestled in my mailbox?? Hell no. THAT was all completely UNEXPECTED and it was what made my birthday one of the best and memorable I've ever had.. thank you so very, very much! *sniff* Is someone slicing onions in here again?? *sniff*

My day started off with the guys at work singing happy birthday over the truck radios shortly after I got there.. that was a hoot. There's nothing like hearing that song being sung by 14 different roofers coming in over the dispatch radio. ha! And then I was serenaded by the shop guys over the P.A. system when I went out into the warehouse to tack the daily leak calls to the board. That was embarrassing as it can be heard from quite far away. lol I also received a very cute card that was signed by everyone and a triple chocolate torte that was quite beautiful and delish =) Ohhh! And one of the guys made me - HOME MADE - banana pudding. haaa!!! I gotta tell ya.. not a big banana pudding fan here. But this stuff was AMAZING. I had to have Hubbs take the dish of it home as I couldn't stop eating it and was afraid I'd eat the whole damn pan. I've asked for the recipe and will be making it and blogging about it VERY SOON. *swoon*

And then I made my usual stop at home during my lunch break to let the kids out and what did I find? My mailbox stuffed with cards and a box that travelled all the way from New Zealand! I about peed!

The Best Birthday Present EVER
The Best Birthday Present EVER

Do you see this?? It's Chocolate and Salt. Hello? Could a gal ask for anything more?? hahahahaaaa!! It reminded me of one of my favorite episodes of Cheers! when Rebecca was upset about something and she was sitting in Sam's office smoking cigarettes and eating chocolate - wishing she had a chocolate cigarette. The only thing she was missing was the salt. A girl's best friend, chocolate and salt. Oh Yeah Baby. =)) And those bars?? Yeah, they are GIGANTIC! One is called "Bittersweet Zestful Orange" *swoon* the other is "Exciting Spicy Ginger Block" which is dark chocolate with nuggets of crystallized ginger *still swooning* and finally the third is "Raspberry River" - chocolate with a "river" of raspberry inside. *faint* And that's not your ordinary box of Morton salt, my friends.. oh nooooo.. it's a big box of Maldon Sea Salt that I shall use lovingly in my cooking - I can't wait! :D Each item was wrapped up in some very pretty and funky tissue paper and a very funny birthday card featuring a not too happy bulldog was also tucked inside - all of this came from my dear, sweet friend, Morven, who I lurve so very much!

Last night I was taken out to dinner by Hubbs and my Mommie where I ate good food, laughed the whole time, and while I was thanking my lucky stars for my good fortune, I was handed two envelopes. One with a gift certificate to (woo!) then another card with a gift certificate from a local kitchen specialty shop, that I adore, with a note from Hubbs promising to build more shelves for my new toys. I'm going to need a bigger kitchen! And finally, when we took Mom home I was presented with my favorite birthday cake that only my Mom can make.. a chocolate cake with bananas tucked in the middle, and covered in chocolate butter cream with a hint of cinnamon throughout. Yum! The best part about this year's cake was that she accidentally poured too much milk into the frosting, which made it very thin, and she didn't have enough powdered sugar to make up for it - so she basically, poured the frosting over it. Imagine a perfect 2 layer round cake sitting on a big plate with a pool of chocolate/cinnamon butter frosting pooled around the bottom. ha!! It was the best cake she's ever made - but now, maybe, you can see where I get my frosting talents from? hahahahaaaaa! :D

Okay.. enough of me gushing.. you get the picture, yes? It was one of the best birthday's I've ever had and it was because of all of you beautiful people.. Thank You. Thank you. Thank you! I am one of the luckiest gals in the world to have such nice friends as all of you =)



Comments on "There is such a thing as a perfect birthday..."


Blogger Ilva said ... (11/10/2006 10:10 AM) : 

Oh and I missed it completely, sorry but I send you a lot of belated AUGURI, in this way it lasts a bit longer, no? xoxox to you!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/10/2006 10:16 AM) : 

Happy birthday!!! I did not know... I hope you had a nice day. Ciao.


Blogger breadchick said ... (11/10/2006 10:46 AM) : 

Sounds heavenly! Happy 35th birthday....ah to be 35 again. Great year. You will have a blast!


Blogger Acme Instant Food said ... (11/10/2006 11:15 AM) : 

A lovely day stocked with love and heartfelt wishes(even the silly ones) from friends and family is about the best it gets. Nice to hear you had such a great day!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/10/2006 1:45 PM) : 

Glad you had such a good Birthday!


Blogger Callipygia said ... (11/10/2006 2:39 PM) : 

When the whole world rises up to sing a lusty "Happy Birthday" you know you're touching lots of people's hearts. Glad it was so wonderful.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/10/2006 3:17 PM) : 

Happy Birthday Dear Lis! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time and a few surprises on your b'day !


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/10/2006 9:11 PM) : 

Sounds like you were thoroughly spoiled all around. I think we NEED your Mom's cake recipe!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/10/2006 9:23 PM) : 

Wow, what an awesome birthday!! I'm so glad it was such a wonderful day for you. :D

Ari (Baking and Books)


Blogger Lis said ... (11/10/2006 11:28 PM) : 

Ilva - Yes it does and I thank you! hehe :D

Orchidea - Thanks! It was very nice =)

Mary - Thank you! I wish I was still 35 though - I re-read what I wrote and yeah it does sound like I'm saying I'm 35 (must have been wishful typing? hehe) I'm sorry! I'm 39 this year - and for the rest of my life, thank you very much! heee!

Kev - I couldn't agree more :D

peabody - Thank ya ma'am :D

Callipygia - Awww that's an incredibly sweet thing to say.. thank you =)

Monisha - Thank you sweetheart!

Morven - You sweet thang. :D Is it bad that I might have taken my chocolate and salt to bed with me last night? :P

Ari - Thank you so much!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/11/2006 11:23 AM) : 

Happy Birthday Lis! Sounds like it was very happy indeed... and those treats from New Zealand!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/12/2006 7:36 AM) : 

Oh man, I completely missed your birthday!!!! Happy 35th my darling ray of sunshine! Your friendly and accessible writing and your delicious recipes are actually what motivated me to start my own food blog (that post about the sick Chloe - after I picked myself off the ground, I decided that I wanted to start a food blog and befriend you ;)). I've enjoyed getting to know you, your humility, your humour and your strength over these past months, and I wish you nothing but the best for this new year of your life :)


Blogger Lis said ... (11/17/2006 6:11 AM) : 

Bruno - Thank you!

Ellie muh luv - your comment didn't come through my e-mail, if I hadn't been browsing this morning, I would have missed it =( Thank you so much for the kind words.. and please know, I feel the same towards you. For whatever reasons you decided to start your own blog, I am forever grateful for it - as I couldn't see my life without you in it - regardless that you are a bazillion miles away from me!! *hugs* xoxo


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