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Monday, October 29, 2007

I've Heard of a Martini.. But a Bostini?


As of the time that I am writing this - October 28th at 9:15 p.m. (eastern standard time) The Daring Bakers have grown to 299 talented members. This number includes 99.9% of our new November members. Deadline for membership is day of posting, which is Monday the 29th. So this number could (and most likely will) grow.

*blink* *blink*

Holy fakk.

I think I can safely speak for my beautiful partner in crime, Ivonne, here too.. WE'RE STUNNED! WE'RE GIDDY! WE'RE SO DAMN GRATEFUL! =)


Soooo.. get ready! You've got about 219 Bostini Cream Pies comin' atcha in the next 24 hours! heee!

Bostini Cream Pie

This month's Daring Baker challenge was hosted by one of my most favoritest gals of ALL TIME, Mary of Alpineberry. Mary is our top blog administrator and Gate Keeper. Not only does she make sure things are in tip top shape on the Daring Baker's private blog, but she is also responsible for guiding all new members through the gates. She does a wonderful job and the Daring Bakers wouldn't be this fantastic group that it is without her! Thank you so much for all that you do, Mary! =)

So yes, this month Mary took on another responsibility.. hosting the October challenge. She had to pick a recipe that she thought we'd all find challenging in some way. She had to figure out what was allowed and what wasn't allowed by means of creativity and allowing our members to make the recipe their own. She had to pay close attention to the DB blog to answer any questions that might arise AND she had to do all of this with a great big smile on her face. teeee!

Bostini Cream Pie
Check out my spider! He rocks!

So the recipe? Bostini Cream Pie. It's a twist on the traditional Boston Cream Pie.

Vanilla custard topped with an orange chiffon cake and then drizzled with chocolate glaze. What's not to love?? Mary allowed us to change up the flavor of the cake as long as we kept the color light. I didn't feel the need to do so - I love orange and chocolate. Hell, I love just about any citrus with chocolate. Hell, who am I kidding? I love ANYTHING with chocolate. Sheesh.

My opinion on my Bostini? It didn't take long - major bonus, as I procrastinated yet again this month. I was not thrilled with the custard though. I found it to be quite bland. It was very thin and kind of runny the night I made it, but the next day it thickened up nicely. It was "just okay". I cut the custard recipe in half - which meant I had to cut the vanilla bean in half. Perhaps if I had left it whole, the custard would have had more pop. This is what I did with the chiffon cake. I cut the recipe in half, but I left the full amount of orange zest in it - holy cow! FANTASTIC cake! I will definitely make this cake again, it was just wonderful.

Bostini Cream Pie

The final component was the chocolate sauce.. 'kay well I don't need to say anything about that, right? It was chocolate.. how could it be bad? :D

Although I wasn't "taken" by this dessert, I am very grateful to Mary for choosing another dessert with chiffon cake. Helene was here during the Strawberry Mirror Cake so she really did most of the work, while I watched and paid attention. So this opportunity to make a chiffon cake again, by myself, was awesome. I was tickled pink when I saw that they turned out perfectly and did not have the rubbery layer of egg like some gals had to deal with. I guess I can chalk that up to having the best baking guru ever, eh? *smoochies*

Okay, going to keep this month's post rather short - well, short for me. :P I've got 218 Bostini Cream Pie's to go drool over - I better get on that!

Bostini Cream Pie

If you'd like to make this dessert yourself, check out Mary's post for the recipe. And don't forget to click on the Official Daring Baker Blogroll link on my sidebar to check out everyone else's KICK ASS posts! :)


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Comments on "I've Heard of a Martini.. But a Bostini?"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/29/2007 12:19 AM) : 

Nice job, Lis. The spider is the bomb!


Blogger Brilynn said ... (10/29/2007 12:22 AM) : 

Love the presentation Lis!
The dessert as a whole wasn't my favourite either, but I was glad I got to redeem myself with the chiffon cake, this one went much better than the last.


Blogger Julius said ... (10/29/2007 12:24 AM) : 

Hi Lis,

Thank you for your kind words and the warm welcome you extended to me as new DB. :)

I've been browsing over to many DB bostinis and the wealth of creativity is *astounding*. Go us!!!

Gotta love your spider. :)



Blogger Anh said ... (10/29/2007 12:36 AM) : 

Lis, you have done a marvelous job bringing this group together! And your dessert looks wonderful!


Blogger Elle said ... (10/29/2007 1:02 AM) : 

Love the shape you your gorgeous chiffon cake, and the spider is damn cute, too. My custard actually tasted better the second day. Just short of 300 craxy bakers? World domination is looking more likely all the time! Congrats fearless leader :)


Blogger kellypea said ... (10/29/2007 1:52 AM) : 

Cheers from one procrastinator to another! And that is one handsome spider lurking around that bostini. And 300 DB-ers? Jeez. Time to start organizing the convention...


Blogger steph- whisk/spoon said ... (10/29/2007 2:13 AM) : 

bostini bundt--i love it! you certainly did pay attention to your "cooking teacher"...the cake looks tall and fantastic!


Blogger Gigi said ... (10/29/2007 2:56 AM) : 

Great post! The mini bundt cake is just too cute!


Blogger Karen Baking Soda said ... (10/29/2007 3:18 AM) : 

It's like reading the recipe again: how many? That many? My God!
Love your spider!


Blogger Anne said ... (10/29/2007 3:19 AM) : 

Love the shape of your bostini's. You presented it really well. The spider is cool :)


Blogger Anne said ... (10/29/2007 4:58 AM) : 

Wow, I can't believe how large the group has grown! :) Great job with your bostinis!


Blogger Pille said ... (10/29/2007 5:13 AM) : 

219?? I had no idea! Well done, Lis - though the spider scares me:)


Blogger Marie Rayner said ... (10/29/2007 6:34 AM) : 

I'd say your Bostini is one of the ass kickiest of them all! What a lovely presentation. It was delicious wasn't it! (I think I ate four helpings all by myself! but shh...don't tell anyone!)


Blogger Esther said ... (10/29/2007 7:34 AM) : 

The shaped cake looks great. I cooked mine as one big one and cut it up but when we try it again, note when not if, I'm going to try and find some way of making mini ones.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/29/2007 8:42 AM) : 

Aw, love the way the cake sat in the glass. Great job, sis!


Blogger Sheltie Girl said ... (10/29/2007 9:45 AM) : 

Your Bostini's cooked in mini-bundt pans are beautiful...a neat presentation idea. I should have pumped up the flavor of the you and Mary did. We would have liked the cake more.

Natalie @ Gluten a Go Go


Blogger Laura said ... (10/29/2007 10:26 AM) : 

I love your baby bundts! I really liked this one but maybe that's because I drowned it in chocolate!


Blogger MyKitchenInHalfCups said ... (10/29/2007 10:29 AM) : 

Your spiddy is too cool, perfect!
No this wasn't my all time favorite but I did come to understand this custard was not suppose to be pudding.
Great photos.
Do you think maybe we could outlaw counting on DB day? No counting calories or eggs or cream or butter, that kind of counting. After all, I do think world domination is in our pocket!


Blogger April said ... (10/29/2007 10:40 AM) : 

Looks great!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/29/2007 10:41 AM) : 

Bwahahahahahaha! at "holy fakk". I'm one of the new members and I couldn't be more thrilled! I love the Daring Bakers!
P.S. Nice spider.


Blogger Jenny said ... (10/29/2007 10:55 AM) : 

Okay that is either the tiniest bundt I've ever seen or a really big glass! And I love the spider!
Nice work Lis!


Blogger Lindsay Blau Portnoy said ... (10/29/2007 10:57 AM) : 

Beautiful...and your bostini cream pie isn't so bad either ;)

No, really, I'm bunt cake obsessed lately and this was a brilliant idea. I have to say, I loved the custard more than the cake. Maybe my taste buds need a readjustment.

In any case, thank you for your encouragement and for sharing all of your great stories along the way. You have yourself a very special group here and I thank you for including me.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/29/2007 10:58 AM) : 

Wow, 299 members is some crazy big bunch of bakers! As a new member this month, I want to thank you and Ivonne and all the other DBs for being so welcoming.

Your presentation of the Bostini is fantastic, and I love the shape of the cakes.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/29/2007 11:14 AM) : 

beautiful! I love the bundt cake


Blogger Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said ... (10/29/2007 11:31 AM) : 

Beuatiful -- love the little Bundt cake! I can't believe there are so many Daring Bakers now -- hats off to you and Ivonne for creating this wonderful idea. Even though I don't bake, I learn a lot by reading your posts every month.


Blogger David T. Macknet said ... (10/29/2007 12:00 PM) : 

That's a lot of bakers!

I love the spider, by the way. I assume that he's channeling one of your tasters, guarding one for later? ;)


Blogger Belinda said ... (10/29/2007 12:12 PM) : 

Lisa, you and Ivonne were on to a good thing when you created the Daring Bakers...its an incredible group of gals and guys, no doubt about it. :-)

I love your rendition of the Bostinis, Lis! The spider is the perfect companion, to watch over the Bostini. I'd be tempted to keep him around all year long! The leaves go so well with the theme and the feel of the autumny flavors in the dessert. And aren't those little itsy bitsy Bundts are just too darn that idea! :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/29/2007 12:47 PM) : 

your presentation is flawless, Lis, spider included! I´m with you in the lack of punch in terms of flavor, I´d definitely change a few things next time.


Blogger Butta Buns said ... (10/29/2007 12:54 PM) : 

Your Bostini and spider kick arse! And day-um that's a big glass. I'm with you on the orange juice, the sponge cake would have been just a sponge cake without it.


Blogger BC said ... (10/29/2007 12:57 PM) : 

The bundt bostini is fantastic. My custard was runny too but delicious.


Blogger Megan said ... (10/29/2007 1:10 PM) : 

Your post kicks A$$! So does the spider!


Blogger Meeta K. Wolff said ... (10/29/2007 1:16 PM) : 

Oh I love your idea of using bundt form. It looks incredible!


Blogger Amanda at Little Foodies said ... (10/29/2007 2:09 PM) : 

Crikey! This is going to take me years if I stop and read what everybody has been doing for the last few weeks. Loved the spider and sounds like you had a fanastic weekend with Helen and Mary.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/29/2007 2:12 PM) : 

Holy Cannoli Batman! 219...299?!?
The DBs are taking over the known baking universe! Cool.
And...your spider rocks. :D

Great job!


Blogger Katie said ... (10/29/2007 2:27 PM) : 

Clever photos. I thought you had made a large one at first but then i realised its a mini one in a wine glass - very cute!


Blogger slush said ... (10/29/2007 2:47 PM) : 

Gorgeous Dahling! We loved the cake too. I have several things in mind for it.

And 300 DBs! OMG! Its going to take me 2 weeks to comment on those! LOL


Blogger Kelly-Jane said ... (10/29/2007 3:07 PM) : 

Lovely presentation , pretty glasses and pumpkins =) Not quite so sure about scary Mr Spider! Well done! and 299 that's amazing -understandable but amazing ;)


Blogger Anita said ... (10/29/2007 3:38 PM) : 

Lis, I love your presentation! It looks like a pumpkin and the spider is desperately trying to get to it - why not, since it's so yummy! Gorgeous job, and congrats on the expansion of the best baking club in the blogosphere!


Blogger Simona Carini said ... (10/29/2007 3:47 PM) : 

Cool spider! My pies look nothing like your elegant one. I hope to hone my plating skills in the coming months.


Blogger Alpineberry Mary said ... (10/29/2007 4:16 PM) : 

When I make this for the holidays I'm gonna steal your idea of using mini bundts for the chiffon cake!


Blogger Cakelaw said ... (10/29/2007 4:32 PM) : 

Yum - this looks and sounds delicious! Kinda like a Jaffa on custard.


Blogger Annemarie said ... (10/29/2007 4:53 PM) : 

Holy fakk Lis, your bostini looks great! I just hope that spider didn't scare away any potential eaters (though, that could also be used as your tactic...)

Congrats to you on manage such a huge group of bakers - you totally deserve a medal for all your hard commenting work!


Blogger Deborah said ... (10/29/2007 4:59 PM) : 

It's so interesting - it seems like people either really loved the cake or really loved the custard. I haven't come across many who loved both!! (I was a custard lover, myself!) Your Bostini looks wonderful. I love that you did your cake in a mini bundt pan. It looks great!


Blogger Inne said ... (10/29/2007 5:33 PM) : 

Holy cow - almost 300 DB members, it's going to take a month to read all the posts! Love your little Bundt cakes and presentation. Btw, there's a spider in your bostini :-)


Blogger Erin said ... (10/29/2007 8:05 PM) : 

I love your tiny bundt cakes!


Blogger african vanielje said ... (10/29/2007 8:16 PM) : 

Your bostini looks fab and it is fantastic that the DB'ers are growing so quickly. It was a great idea, and I like the thought of a learning community


Blogger Chris said ... (10/29/2007 8:33 PM) : 

love it! love the bundts. You do bomb baby!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/29/2007 9:27 PM) : 

You know that middle part of the cake? I want to crawl right into it and live there forever.



Blogger Laura Rebecca said ... (10/29/2007 9:36 PM) : 

It's quite a group you and Ivonne have started, isn't it?

Thank you for the continued fun.

Now, all we have to do is wait for the November challenge...


Blogger Sabra said ... (10/29/2007 9:48 PM) : 

It's so funny that everyone's turned out differently - my pastry cream was super thick (right away) and flavorful (although, as you know, this was not my favorite dessert either!). It just goes to show how important tiny things are in baking - that's why I love it! On to the next challenge. (let's hope the next one doesn't have 8 million eggs!) : )


Blogger Suzanne said ... (10/29/2007 9:58 PM) : 

That looks delish! Great job Lis!!


Blogger nikcreate said ... (10/29/2007 10:15 PM) : 

they are so cute! I'm not "taken "with this dessert either :)


Blogger breadchick said ... (10/29/2007 10:50 PM) : 

Lis, who woulda thunk it??!! You are the heart and soul of the group (and with your equally soulful sister Ivonne) I can't thank you both enough for the opportunity every month. I so heart you!! OH and love the spider crawling over the Bostini!!! Did you say over 200??!!! OH MY!!!!


Blogger cupcaketastic said ... (10/30/2007 12:29 AM) : 

Little miss muffet sat on her tuffet
Eating a DB Bostini
Along came a spider and sat down beside her
and helped her read 219 DB posts.

Love your presentation.


Blogger Alice Q. Foodie said ... (10/30/2007 3:20 AM) : 

When I saw that first picture, I thought you made a giant bundt cake one! :-) Very nice. Always love your hilarious posts!


Blogger Truffle said ... (10/30/2007 5:36 AM) : 

Your presentation is stunning and congratulations on the growth of DB!


Blogger Unknown said ... (10/30/2007 6:17 AM) : 

That chocolate in the middle of the bundt is too irresistable! I love it!


Blogger Andrea said ... (10/30/2007 8:54 AM) : 

That spider is a hoot! Nice idea to use mini Bundt for the cake. Oh, and I think that Kellypea's idea of a convention is FABULOUS! Count me in!


Blogger Jen Yu said ... (10/30/2007 11:40 AM) : 

Lis, I love that spider! Great job on the bostini. The baby bundt is so cute. Thanks so much for coordinating and maintaining such a great community in the DBs.

jen at use real butter


Blogger Madeleine said ... (10/30/2007 1:59 PM) : 

I love the spider!!! hehe!

Great job Lis!!!

Y pasa por mi blog seguido para que practiques tu español!! :)



Blogger Dagmar said ... (10/30/2007 4:04 PM) : 

Great job! I love the spider :-) I can't believe that we're that many!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/30/2007 4:23 PM) : 

I think you have the most scary Bostini ;) Thanks for the warm welcome!


Blogger Christine said ... (10/30/2007 5:02 PM) : 

Great choice of pans to bake the cake in, Lis!

While I also didn't like the custard much, it was better combined with everything else. This is a good recipe to tweak, imo.


Blogger test it comm said ... (10/30/2007 6:36 PM) : 

I procrastinated as well and ended up doing it on the last day... Nice fall presentation. I like the shape of the chiffon cake!


Blogger Rosa's Yummy Yums said ... (10/30/2007 6:46 PM) : 

Well done! I love your presentation!

I'm really happy to be a DB and I'm looking forwards to the next challenge!




Blogger Ilva said ... (10/31/2007 6:43 AM) : 

What a booooore I am, I never ever had the martini bostini association. If you skipped the orange flavour and went along with martini flavour instead...


Blogger Valerie Harrison (bellini) said ... (10/31/2007 11:10 AM) : 

Very spooky presentation for the Bostini challenge Lis. Have a safe and happy Hallowe'en!!! The Daring Bakers are getting larger by the moment. Congratulations on all your recognition!!


Blogger marias23 said ... (10/31/2007 6:38 PM) : 

What a a pretty, autumnal presentation! :)


Blogger Ti said ... (10/31/2007 6:38 PM) : 



Blogger Peabody said ... (11/01/2007 1:03 AM) : 

I am loving the spider...and I hate spiders.
The cake was by far my favorite.


Blogger Brittany said ... (11/01/2007 2:15 AM) : 

I don't know Lis- I'm kind of turned on by your bostinis. HaHA! They do look goregous and congrats to you and Ivonne for the outragous success of the DB's. I'll bet you two feel like a couple of proud Mamas : )
Britt, the lady of Pie.


Blogger Julie said ... (11/01/2007 3:22 AM) : 

Holy jeesh, what better way to house chocolate than in the cup of a mini bundt? Mmmmmm, choco-bundt. It looks delicious!


Blogger thepassionatecook said ... (11/01/2007 4:32 AM) : 

what a great-looking dessert you have created. even more impressive though is the number of DBs... cannot believe there's 299 of us, it will be difficult to keep track of all the posts!!!


Blogger Dharm said ... (11/01/2007 6:50 AM) : 

Finally have time to get to the blogs!! I love the way you served your dessert - especially the curvy cake and of course the Spider!! 200+ members huh... wow, way to go Lis!


Blogger kitten said ... (11/01/2007 8:45 PM) : 

I love your halloween interpretation !! Thanks for welcoming me to the DBers and I am so excited to be part of such a fabulous group of bakers - 299 strong.


Blogger Amy said ... (11/02/2007 1:49 AM) : 

I managed to avoid the rubbery layer this time. Whew. :) Your cake looks great! And *high 5* spider mini bundt cake buddy! lol!


Blogger Shandy said ... (11/02/2007 2:08 AM) : 

The spider is too cool! and so are the little bundt cakes. . .very pretty and I love your pictures. I'm sorry that the Bostini flavors weren't made for you but the care you put into assembling this dessert definitely shows! I love it, =D

Shandy (Pastry Heaven)


Blogger The Caked Crusader said ... (11/02/2007 7:43 AM) : 

They look biiiiiiig desserts! A girl after my own heart!


Blogger Kajal@aapplemint said ... (11/02/2007 12:22 PM) : 

looks like spidey is really enjoying the bostini :P


Blogger eatme_delicious said ... (11/03/2007 1:56 AM) : 

Hm maybe the weird lumps in the bottom of my cake were eggs. I love the goblet/glass you put in the dessert in! Yum. The bundt cakes are so cute! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/04/2007 2:17 PM) : 

I love the idea of the big cake and then cutting it up. Thanks for your comment on my blog.



Blogger Dolores said ... (11/04/2007 5:30 PM) : 

Six days later, and I'm *still* drooling over Bostini. Yours are amazing.

299 members?!? I'm still going to be commenting on the November challenge on Christmas day!


Blogger LizG said ... (11/06/2007 6:12 PM) : 

Love the presentation too, Lis! Looks ab delish!...

and congratulations on the growth of db... :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/08/2007 9:15 PM) : 

Gorgeous presentation in that goblet! And I was rolling with laughter at the spider! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/16/2007 11:43 PM) : 

I remember when there was just a handful of you crazy gals (and guys). What a sensation!
I love all of the variations!


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