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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Chocolate Valentino

The February 2009 challenge is hosted by Wendy of WMPE's blog and Dharm of Dad ~ Baker & Chef.
We have chosen a Chocolate Valentino cake by Chef Wan; a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from Dharm and a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from Wendy as the challenge.

Holy son of a motherless goat.. what a fakkin day!

It's a quarter of midnight on Daring Baker Challenge Reveal day and I'm just now writing up my post. And no, smarty farties, I didn't just finish my challenge! We had guests over today and they JUST LEFT. Jebus.

Chocolate Valentino Mini Cake

Anyhoo.. short and sweet.. which is basically a great description for my lil mini Chocolate Valentinos! I made the full recipe and ended up with 4 mini cakes made in ramekins and 2 heart shaped mini cakes made in these lil silicone heart shaped pans that came with some spring form pans I purchased years ago.

Chocolate Valentino MIni Heart Cake

I think I must of over-baked a bit because my cakes didn't turn out as fudgy as a lot of other Daring Bakers' cakes turned out.. they weren't dry though, just not as fudgy. The taste was okay. I used 71% bittersweet Callebaut chocolate which I adore for it's rich chocolate flavor. Unfortunately, this didn't carry over into the cake for me. My cake was almost bland. I got a good hit of the chocolate as an after taste, but it didn't send the usual POW to my brain when I first took a bite.

Chocolate Valentino Mini Cake

I've made two other flourless chocolate cakes before and I'd still have to say that the Chocolate Intensity Cake found in Tish Boyle's The Cake Book is the most awesome-est in true orgasmic chocolate decadence out there. Not saying this cake was bad.. far from it. Just not exactly what I had expected.. it was more like a rich brownie than what I think of as a flourless cake.

Chocolate Valentino & Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream

I paired my cake with Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream that I found in my new "bible" The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. This ice cream was knock your socks off good. So much better than just your average coffee ice cream, the flavor was like a PUNCH of coffee goodness. I will so be making this ice cream again. *slurp*

Chocolate Valentino & Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream

Many, many thanks to Dharm and Wendy for such a fantastic challenge.. I used my ice cream maker to make the ice cream, but I've read so many wonderful posts about those that made it without a machine and how delighted they were that it turned out so well. :)

Chocolate Valentino & Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream

Oh and well.. I can't help myself, I'm sooooooooo excited - HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!

We're scheduled to launch the new website on March 7th - that's one week from today and for those of you who are saying, "yeah, we've heard this before" and rolling your eyes, just stop it. Didn't your mom tell you they could stick that way?? But yes, seriously, come hell or high water, the website is launching in one week and it's fakking gorgeous. OHMYGOD! Huge, huge, giant enormous thanks to the GENIUS we call Scott Blitstein of ESeMBe Technical Services and Patricia Furtado, one of our own Daring Bakers and an AMAZING web designer. They busted heineys to put together what Ivonne and I think is the most exciting, fun, chic, whimsical, fun, entertaining, awesome website for our Daring Bakers AND our Daring Cooks (to be announced soon!) EVER!! So no one make plans for next Saturday.. ya'll are going to kick yourselves squarely in your own heineys if you miss the grand "opening"! :)


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Comments on "The Chocolate Valentino"


Blogger Elle said ... (3/01/2009 1:03 AM) : 

Congrats to you and Ivonne and the fearless web designers...I'm sure the new web site will be mag! Sometimes the best things just take time.
Love you mini cakes! Coffee ice cream is my all time favorite flavor, so double yum!Kept looking for your post sweetie...and it was worth it :)


Blogger Dharm said ... (3/01/2009 3:07 AM) : 

Yayyy!! Cant wait for the new website. Well done on this challenge and I'm so glad you joined us this month! And of course, as always, thanks for founding the DBs!!!


Blogger MyKitchenInHalfCups said ... (3/01/2009 4:30 AM) : 

Ah Lis . . . Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream . . . now that sounds just right! I'm ready for that!!
I've been saying I think this is my new brownie recipe! Do you laugh? I liked it very much.
Love those little hearts.


Blogger Deeba PAB said ... (3/01/2009 4:46 AM) : 

Vietnamese Coffe Ice-cream has me HOOKED! Any chance of the recipe? What fun...can't wait for the announcement. Did I thank you from bringing this great group together? THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY VALENTION HEART!!


Blogger Snooky doodle said ... (3/01/2009 6:49 AM) : 

this cake looks so yummy. have to try it. :) eager to see the new website.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3/01/2009 7:35 AM) : 

YAY - I can'y wait to see the new site! That said, even though you said your Valentino's came out kind of dry, they look great! However, I think it's time I purchased The Perfect Scoop since everyone flips over David's ice cream recipes, and your Vietnamese coffee ice cream is certainly flip worthy :)


Blogger Meeta K. Wolff said ... (3/01/2009 8:31 AM) : 

looking forward to the new website! in the meantime love the choc cake and ice-cream - especially the ice cream!!


Blogger Mary said ... (3/01/2009 8:49 AM) : 

Your coffee ice cream makes me want to lick my screen! It's gorgeous! And I can't wait to see the new website!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3/01/2009 9:04 AM) : 

I recently made the Chocolate Intesity Cake that you rave about. I am in LOVE with that cake. I have never in my life been so satisfied with a dessert. Thank you thank you thank you for you description of it.

This cake looks good too, but like you said, not what you look for in a flourless cake.


Blogger Chris said ... (3/01/2009 9:14 AM) : 

oooh! New coolness coming! Very cool!

Your cake and coffee ice cream looks a bit too tempting on this rainy cold morning...hmmm. ;)


Blogger Valerie Harrison (bellini) said ... (3/01/2009 10:20 AM) : 

This cake is getting harder and harder to resist:D


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3/01/2009 10:32 AM) : 

Good things come to those who wait...and what better way to announce than with coffee (ice cream) and chocolate!!! Congrats Girlz!!!!!


Blogger pixie said ... (3/01/2009 10:42 AM) : 

Wow Lis, you guys are just awesome continually improving the community! I've been doing a lot of ice cream from perfect scoop too!


Blogger Heather B said ... (3/01/2009 10:59 AM) : 

yum! Great job on the challenge this month! Your cake and ice cream look delicious! Can't wait for the new site! I'll be there with bells on!


Blogger Lauren said ... (3/01/2009 12:17 PM) : 

Mmm, your cake looks wonderful!! I'm excited for the new website =D!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3/01/2009 1:11 PM) : 

Beautiful work, especially the coffee ice cream! Looking forward to the new site!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3/01/2009 1:12 PM) : 

glad you're feelin' better and well done on that magic-looking ice-cream ... not to mention the fab-sounding website


Blogger Kat said ... (3/01/2009 3:36 PM) : 

I am looking forward to the new website. The coffee ice cream sounds yummy! All these ice cream ideas when one is trying to lose a few pounds is tough! This month was my first DB challenge so thank you for this great concept.


Blogger Helene said ... (3/01/2009 5:08 PM) : 

Hard work pays off! Can't wait for the new site!
Wonderful choice of ice cream for the cake!


Blogger Caribbean Dreamer said ... (3/01/2009 5:37 PM) : 

OMG Lis I'm so excited about joining the DBers!! I'm going to start checking my email religiously these next few days for my secret decoder ring instructions!!!!


Blogger Jenny said ... (3/01/2009 7:06 PM) : 

I can't wait for the site, and my offer of help is still open!

I love how your round cakes have "hats!"


Blogger alana said ... (3/01/2009 8:01 PM) : 

Fabulous job! I just discovered the Ice Cream bible too, I made his anise ice cream and it was fabulous. Beautiful valentinos....


Blogger Andrea Meyers said ... (3/01/2009 10:56 PM) : 

Congrats on the new web site opening next week! Your cake looks luscious, especially with that coffee ice cream piled on top. Yum!


Blogger Peabody said ... (3/02/2009 4:19 AM) : 

So the rumor was did actually post something on your blog. ;) Good to see you back and with something so yummy.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3/02/2009 7:25 AM) : 

I can't wait to see the new website, how exciting!!! A big thank you to you and Ivonne for setting it up. Great job on the challenge too :)


Blogger breadchick said ... (3/02/2009 6:45 PM) : 

Well ladies, I can't wait to see our new home on the web. I know you both have been pulling hair and swigs from bottles to get this done.

Thanks for a great group of folks to bake with AND that cake looks sooooo good not to mention the ice cream.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3/03/2009 3:18 AM) : 

Congratulations on the new home of the DBs! I am so excited! And glad you're back for this challenge :) I also missed out on the last two, booo~, right?!


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Blogger Noor said ... (3/08/2009 4:11 PM) : 

Oh wow amazing can I please have some? I love your site but I knew I would before coming to it, lol. I think as a co-founder of DB you just have to be a good baker. :)


Blogger Engineer Baker said ... (3/08/2009 5:45 PM) : 

Oh, I've made that vietnamese coffee ice cream too - it's to-die-for. Seriously fabulous, and now I'm kicking myself that I don't have any in the freezer right now :) Beautiful job! Oh, and I love the new DB website design - so sleek!


Blogger Faery said ... (3/08/2009 5:49 PM) : 

Mmmm I am drooling, these are so good and chocolate is so good for me these days. I made this cake and it was delicious, only I could not post due to "technical" problems.


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