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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pineapple Jerky??

Yes.. you read that correctly. Pineapple jerky.

I was approached by a nice man by the name of Douglas. Douglas runs - your one stop shopping site for all things JERKY! :) Douglas asked me if I'd be interested in trying a couple samples of some of their products. Normally, I don't respond to these emails. Honestly? I'm afraid of saying yes, then receiving the product and HATING IT. Then what? I have to waste my time (and theirs) by writing a bad review. Remember my last bad review? It felt good to write that, but all I really accomplished was giving that GOD AWFUL PIECE OF CRAP EMBARRASSMENT of a movie some extra advertising. Gah. So yeah.. product reviews scare me.

With that said.. I was pleasantly surprised when the shipment of 5 slices of Pineapple Jerky was delivered to my house. The first thing I noticed was that the packaging was cute and that the pineapple inside looked moist. I've had many slices of dehydrated pineapple in my life - I love it actually.. but it's usually tough to chew and sometimes downright hard - crispy if you will. This wasn't. This pineapple jerky was so soft and moist.. it practically melted in my mouth. Hubbs tried some and he agreed it was the best dehydrated pineapple he'd ever had too. And he's not big on dehydrated fruit, he prefers beef jerky. He makes his own and it's pretty tasty, so it was a nice surprise to hear him say that.

I've got one package left (1 slice) and I'm saving it. hahaa! It's a great snack in the afternoon between lunch and quitting time - gives me a lil burst of energy that I don't have to feel guilty about (like I would, say, if I opened up that bag of peanut butter MnM's that one of the guys at work gave me).

The only thing that bothers me.. is the price. One-quarter pound is $9.99 - which is like almost $5.00 cheaper on than anywhere else, but still at $40 per pound, uhh.. yeah, that's not very affordable on our income. But the saying is true in this case.. "You get what you pay for" meaning this product is well worth an expensive splurge once in a while, because you are paying top price for a top of the line product.


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Comments on "Pineapple Jerky??"


Blogger Snooky doodle said ... (3/15/2009 5:37 PM) : 

looks and sounds delicious, Never tried dehydated pineapple though.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3/15/2009 8:22 PM) : 

Wow that's pretty expensive for dried fruit. Maybe there's some way to replicate at home :)


Blogger Deeba PAB said ... (3/16/2009 4:59 AM) : 

Sounds yum. Never tried anything dehydrated other than cranberries, figs, apricots, raisins...& of course a loaf of bread I forgot in the oven...LOL!!


Blogger Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer said ... (3/16/2009 10:51 AM) : 

Looks great - yes alittle spendy but look good!!


Blogger Maria said ... (3/16/2009 12:43 PM) : 

I really want to try that!


Blogger MyKitchenInHalfCups said ... (3/16/2009 6:51 PM) : 

and the other stuff isn't worth putting in your mouth let alone any penny you pay for it. I do enjoy dried fruit but maybe not that much.


Blogger Elle said ... (3/17/2009 9:25 PM) : 

Sound really delish, but way too expensive for me...even for a least until stocks rise like it was 2007...heehee.


Blogger Noor said ... (3/22/2009 9:36 AM) : 

They contacted me too, so its good. Thats good to know but yea that cost a lot.


Blogger Faery said ... (3/22/2009 6:47 PM) : 

Wow dehydrated pineapple °.° I have never tried it, but it looks good. Fresh fruits are very expensive too in my country...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3/24/2009 5:42 AM) : 

Good that you've got something you're able to relish. As you've said it, the package is cute.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3/24/2009 10:02 AM) : 

I lived in Los Angeles for 25 years before moving to the French Alps last year. And there's a grocery store in LA called Trader Joes (sign of civilization as far as Im concerned) that carries pineapple jerky and I ate it all the time. It was fantastic! I do miss that, along with a lot of other food items I can't get here, and envy you your 'saved piece.' Cynthia


Anonymous Tom said ... (4/05/2009 8:07 PM) : 

Why don't you make your own?
Slice pineapple; dehydrate in sun or dehydrator.

DRYING IN THE SUN: Put Pineapple slices onto prepared cookie sheets and spread to 1/8 inch thickness. Place in full sunlight. Drying time can vary from 8-24 hours, depending on the thickness of the Pineapple and sunlight available If not quite dry after the first day, bring indoors overnight and continue drying outside the next day. Drying may be finished in the oven if weather does not permit sun drying. See below. Jerky is dry when it can be peeled off the plastic easily.
DRYING IN THE OVEN: In humid or cool climates, it may be necessary to do part or all of the drying in the oven. Preheat oven to 140 to 150 degrees. Turn oven off and set the Pineapple in the middle of the oven. If using an electric oven, it may be necessary to reheat the oven occasionally to maintain warmth. Gas ovens need not be reheated as the pilot light will provide sufficient warmth to dry the Pineapple. Open oven doors every several hours to let moisture escape. Jerky will be dry in one or two days.
This also works on other fruits
Soak in honey, drain off excess; then store in plastic seal-a-meal bag, put in cool place.
Enjoy :o)


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