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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Daring Cooks May 2010 - Stacked Enchiladas

Hi kids!

First the good stuff.. this month's Daring Cooks' challenge!

Our hosts this month, Barbara of Barbara Bakes and Bunnee of Anna+Food have chosen a delicious Stacked Green Chile & Grilled Chicken Enchilada recipe in celebration of Cinco de Mayo! The recipe, featuring a homemade enchilada sauce was found on and written by Robb Walsh.

The only well lit picture taken by my friend Sue :)

These were delicious.. and I had no doubt even before I made them. You could put just about any kind of Mexican/Latin food in front of me and I know it'll be delish. This recipe was straight forward and easy. My only problem was finding tomatillos. After a 1/2 a day hunt, I found 3 of them. Yes. 3. So the Green Chile Enchilada sauce happened, but I had to cut down the recipe quite a bit to accommodate my small amount of the main ingredient. That's okay though, it turned out delicious and I had enough for 2 of the 6 stacked enchiladas I made.

The other 4 got a red sauce, which was the exact same recipe as the Green Chile Enchilada sauce, except I used 2 cans of fire roasted diced tomatoes in lieu of the tomatillos. It also turned out to be mighty tasty.

First batch of Poblanos roasting over an open gas fire :D

I made 6 enchiladas as Hubbs and I were entertaining 4 of our most gorgeous and closest friends for a birthday celebration. From the response I received everyone absolutely loved the dish, and asked for the recipe.

Very poorly lit and slightly blurry photo of the Green Chile Enchilada Sauce Enchiladas

Thank you so much, Barbara & Bunnee! What a great, simple, easy to put together recipe that is very worthy of serving to guests!

Very poorly lit and slightly blurry photo of the Red Chile Enchilada Sauce Enchiladas - hee!

Please check out the rest of the Daring Cooks' spin on this recipe, I'm sure ya'll will find TONS of ideas on how to make this recipe your own. :)


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Comments on "The Daring Cooks May 2010 - Stacked Enchiladas"


Anonymous bunkycooks said ... (5/14/2010 4:53 AM) : 

Your enchiladas look great! They were surprisingly tasty (as you found out, too!).


Blogger Barbara Bakes said ... (5/14/2010 7:44 AM) : 

I'm so glad everyone loved the enchiladas. I love the picture of your enchiladas topping with loads of guac and sour cream! Where's a fork!


Blogger Valerie Harrison (bellini) said ... (5/14/2010 9:28 AM) : 

You could put anything Mexican in front of me lately and I would inhale it.


Blogger MyKitchenInHalfCups said ... (5/14/2010 12:23 PM) : 

I just made my first cooked salsa verde last week with tomatillos ... I'll never buy the bottled again!
Anything tex mex me too!!


Blogger cuppy said ... (5/14/2010 4:21 PM) : 

Mm mm mm! Looks very good! Too bad you couldn't serve everyone the verde sauce. Oh well, next time! ;)

"Fire roasted tomatoes" = YES! YES!! :D So glad you did this!


Anonymous Wolf said ... (5/15/2010 10:20 PM) : 

Yummy! }:P I was pleasently surprised to find lots of fresh tomatillos here.}:P


Blogger Heather B said ... (5/17/2010 10:06 PM) : 

yum! They look so delicious. Great job this month!


Blogger breadchick said ... (5/17/2010 11:30 PM) : 

Yea, perfect! On a night I'm craving Mexican food and decided to be good and eat my salad and for once in a big Arse long time visit my food friends, your post is about Mexican food! Bookmarking this for this weekend though



Blogger Kathleen said ... (5/19/2010 10:43 PM) : 

These look totally amazing!!!


Anonymous Bekki said ... (5/23/2010 8:07 AM) : 

Looks Wonderful!! Hope you are doing well!! Hope you enjoyed Mucho Cerveza!!


Blogger Lisa said ... (6/01/2010 5:06 AM) : 

I coulda' sworn I had commented on this, Lis! I honestly think I'm losing my blogging mind lately lol Regardless..I loved the enchilada challenge too..and am still dousing everything I eat with red mole. Yours looks amazing. LOVE the fire roasted tomatoes..makes the best everything that contains tomatoes and isn't served raw - especially salsa! I'm coming to Ohio with my wedding dress on! Love you dahling! xoxoxo

BTW, where's your croquembouche??? I swear..I could eat cream puffs all day long..with the vanilla creme patisserie that is. Thank god I coated mine in so much sugar it was almost impossible to do so LOL


Blogger TeaLady said ... (6/14/2010 6:28 PM) : 

These look delicious. Love Mexian food and this one is definitely on my do again list.


Anonymous Jamie said ... (10/08/2010 4:52 AM) : 

Mmmm who doesn't love this kind of eating? Your enchiladas look luscious! With all the "ethnic" food I make why have I never made anything like this? My family would love it!


Anonymous tasteofbeirut said ... (12/11/2010 10:43 AM) : 

I love enchiladas and yours look great!


Anonymous Jeremy said ... (6/11/2012 11:17 AM) : 

I enjoy your blog so much I nominated you for a Food Story Award. Cheers!


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