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Saturday, March 18, 2006

WDB #26

My first WDB! I love showing off my "kids" so what a cool way to do it =)

This is a hilarious photo that Wayne took. He had them both sitting pretty and just as he hit the button.. Chloe decided to jump up. It looks like Nigel is one of Chloe's toys. har! Check out the rest of the cute pooches on Sweetnick's site tomorrow =)


Comments on "WDB #26"


Blogger Cate said ... (3/19/2006 9:38 PM) : 

Too cute!


Blogger Joe said ... (3/19/2006 11:20 PM) : 

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Blogger Joe said ... (3/19/2006 11:21 PM) : 

Cute pup! Love the markings


Blogger Lis said ... (3/20/2006 6:06 AM) : 

Thanks Cate! They are the bees knees in my book lol I got your e-mail and thanks.. I like the look of that much better than the entire link, thank you =)


Blogger Lis said ... (3/20/2006 6:07 AM) : 

Joe, thanks! She's a beauty. When she was a puppy she didn't have any of the copper, now it's everywhere and totally gorgeous. She so knows she's a knockout lol
Thanks for stopping by!


Blogger Ziz said ... (3/21/2006 7:27 PM) : 

aww cutie pies! I love that one eye has a spot and the other doesnt :)


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