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Monday, May 22, 2006

2 Things You've Been Told..

I'm sure it wasn't just my mother who said this, "If you eat that right now you'll spoil your dinner, put it back!" =) and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has seen the Lays potato chip commercials where they tell you that you can't just eat one Lays, eh?

'kay so I spoiled my dinner last night.. and Lays Schmays.. I made homemade potato chips around 4:30 yesterday.. and no, I could not stop after eating just one. I couldn't stop after eating just 25. And I'm pissed off to realize that a $3.00 bag of chips contains roughly 1.5 freakin' potatoes!

I had 2 sweet potatoes in my fridge that were going to go bad ANY SECOND and I russet potato that I can not even remember buying, it's been so long.. so I decided that making my own chips would be a smashing idea. I got out my mandolin slicer, made quick work of 3 potatoes and fired up my deep fryer. About 30 minutes later I had the most exquisite potato chips I've ever had. Who knew making your own was so damn easy and so much cheaper than buying them?? I'm all for spending that extra cash if it will get me what I want quicker than having to make it myself if I'm a tired gal.. but holy crap.. there's nothing to making your own chips and they blow store bought chips outta the water! I guess the one and only drawback that I can see is that the chips that weren't fried until they were a darker goldeny brown and crispy are kinda soggy today.. but hell, what's a few soggy chips when you've got mountains of crispy, oh sooo good chips?

Sweet & Russet Potato Chips cu

I'd love to say that I'll never buy store bought chips again.. but I know that isn't true as hubbs will want some at like 10:15 at night and I won't have the energy to pour myself a glass of water let alone slice and fry potatoes for him.. but for weekend snacking and parties.. I'm making my own from now on baby! =)

I'm a purist when it comes to my chips.. I only like salt, but I can totally see sprinkling these crispy yummies with grated parmesan or some dry herbs or spices or a lil onion and/or garlic powder or or cinnamon sugar for the sweet potato variety! Doesn't Orville Redenbacker have a cheddar cheese powder for sprinkling on his popcorn? That'd be killer as well. I guess the options are pretty much endless because if you sprinkle something on them as soon as they come outta the fryer, it'd stick.. I might even try fresh snipped chives the next time. :D

Sweet & Russet Potato Chips
Homemade Potato Chips

2 potatoes (I used Russet and Red Garnet Sweets)
peanut oil - however much your fryer manufacturer suggests, or enough to equal about 1 inch in a frypan
1 tsp. salt or whatever you'd like to sprinkle on them

Set your mandolin to very thin slices or slice very thinly with a good sharp knife - I left the skins on.

Fry in small batches until chips turn a dark golden brown. Transfer them to a big plate or bowl that has been lined with a couple paper towels or brown paper bags.

Sprinkle immediately with salt. Try to wait a few minutes before devouring them to avoid lip, tongue and roof of mouth burnage (not that I burned my lips, tongue and roof of my mouth after that first batch)

Store any remaining chips in a airtight container. I used 3 large potatoes and they made the equivalent of about 2 bags of chips. Seriously.

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Comments on "2 Things You've Been Told.."


Blogger Laura Rebecca said ... (5/22/2006 9:39 AM) : 

Mmmmmmm...homemade chips. There's a little restaurant around the corner from us that makes their own fryer chips but, damn, I bet yours are 10 times better.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5/22/2006 10:32 AM) : 

I was just lamenting this weekend how expensive chips had gotten for the quantity.Yours look yummy!


Blogger Lis said ... (5/22/2006 1:47 PM) : 

Why thank you gals, I appreciate the kind words =))


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5/22/2006 10:00 PM) : 

Ooooooooh! Yummy! I hav such a weakness for potato chips and homemade ones especially.

Great job!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5/24/2006 8:59 AM) : 

My god those look divine!

I need a mandolin :(

Have you considered onion powder for sprinkling on the chippies? It's just dehydrated and powderized onions, but adds a lovely amount of oniony goodness :)


Blogger Mel said ... (5/30/2006 6:47 PM) : 

I love making chips, but I don't have a deep fryer. I like to put NY Fries powdered seasonings on mine, yum! But plain with sea salt is just as good.

Next time, try with other root veggies ;) Mel


Blogger Lis said ... (5/31/2006 6:36 AM) : 

Thanks Mel.. great tip! Which root veggies do you suggest?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6/18/2008 10:31 AM) : 

Ce pacat ca nu ai o chestier de tradus!ai un blog minunat!pacatttttttttttttt!Te felicit mult de tot!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/02/2008 3:22 PM) : 

You can soak the potato slices in iced water for an hour before frying, to get crisp chips.


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