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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Blog of the Week May 7, 2006

As my list of favorite blogs to read continually grows a little longer with each passing month, I am finding it harder and harder to pick which one to salute each week - they are all so fabulous! This week's salute goes to Laura Rebecca and her kitchen :D

I found Laura Rebbeca from my favorite cutie pie Ali's site. What a pleasant surprise to find another gal who loves to cook real food. Nothing too fancy with hard to find ingredients. Just good yummy every day food. Her trials and tribulations in the kitchen often include very funny stories along with a lil snarkiness added in for that belly laugh that escapes, surprising yourself.

I feel a bit of kinship with Laura Rebecca as although her dishes turn out looking and sounding fabulous, she admits to being a completely disorganized cook and she will change a recipe to conform to what she's got in her pantry in lieu of running out to the store. I'm the same way. After I'm done cooking, my kitchen looks as if a cyclone hit it and I'm wayyyyyy to lazy to run to the store for an ingredient that I don't have on hand. Fakkk that. Well.. unless hubbs is around ;)

Another reason I like Laura Rebecca's site is that she grades her recipes and if they suck, she's not afraid to grade accordingly. I like that a lot. I'm all for the admission of things gone awry. It adds to the impression that she's truly welcoming you into her kitchen regardless of what the outcome is. I'm not saying she makes a lot of bad things, as a matter of fact, I've hardly seen anything that didn't turn out totally drool worthy.. just saying she's not afraid to admit to the occasional bomb. =)

'kay my faithful few readers.. if you haven't checked out Laura Rebecca's Kitchen do so now.. and I caution you. Try not to drink anything while reading her posts. It's very possible you won't be able to control your laughter, therefore bathing your monitor in iced tea. Not that that happened to me. :P


Comments on "Blog of the Week May 7, 2006"


Blogger Acme Instant Food said ... (5/07/2006 4:46 PM) : 

Once again, thanks for some great information. I bookmarked her site--looks like great perusing and salivating material. Enjoy the weekend. I'm not doing much cooking this weekend, the weather is amazing and we have been out all weekend (sometimes we go to work on Mondays to recover and relax after the Saturday and Sunday follies.) Enjoy!


Blogger Lis said ... (5/07/2006 8:31 PM) : 

Well I'm glad you are out having fun this weekend! Hey.. if you get a chance, can you e-mail me or leave your e-mail addie in a comment? Mine is: - just thought it'd be easier than leaving multiple comments sometimes :D


Blogger Laura Rebecca said ... (5/09/2006 10:56 PM) : 

Oh my goodness ... I am so flattered I can barely type!
Thank you so much for the lovely review!


Blogger Lis said ... (5/10/2006 5:26 AM) : 

My pleasure! Thank you for a great blog! :D


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