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Saturday, June 10, 2006

The things I do for my friends and other assorted gems...

It's 4:30 in the morning. My alarm clock woke me at 3:30. I am off to an outdoorsey "hands-on" crafty-like school today. I'm going to learn how to cook over an open campfire, the cowboy way! I'm going to learn pet first-aid, skeet shooting and how to handle a handgun. I'm going to learn self-defense! Me! Lis from the suburbs. Har! I'm questioning my sanity right now. My dearest friend in all the world, Kim, has been bugging me to join her and her sisters and a few other friends for months now in this outdoorsey womanly event. Did I mention skeet shooting and handguns? I'm gonna end up poking my damn eye out! Or worse yet.. someone else's. I'm nervous. I'm excited (kinda). I'm wondering what kind of bugs there will be and how exactly am I going to plate and photograph the food without people asking me what the hell I am doing? I can no longer cook without taking pictures! I don't like guns! Lord.. this is going to be quite the day. And the best part? They don't allow sandal wearing. Hello? It's summer and my toes are simply looking divine with their beauteous pink polish. Course I guess that a shoe that covers my piggies might be better if there are going to be GUNS in the vicinity.

Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it!

Also.. we went flower shopping last night.. unfortunately I was so dead tired when we got home that I didn't take pictures of all the pretties like I had intended. Hubbs is going to start to plant today while I'm gone and tomorrow we are going to finish it together, I'll take pics then.. simply because I know you won't be able to sleep until you see :D I got my herbs for my strawberry pot - am so happy! Fresh herbs that I will be nurturing instead of paying $3.00 a pop for! Yay! Also, I got this fabulous plant that I've never seen before (actually 3 of them) I don't know exactly how to describe it other than it looks like a plant covered in fall leaves.. the colors are scrumptious, all orange and mauve and gold and reddish-purple. It's magnificent and I hope they like our soil and live for many years to come.

Okay.. I gotta get ready for combat.. erhmm.. I mean a fun filled day with the girls. Ugh. Hopefully, I'll still be here tomorrow so I can post! heheeee

Prayer people.. lots of prayers for me and my less than graceful self. Gah.


Comments on "The things I do for my friends and other assorted gems..."


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6/10/2006 6:41 AM) : 

hi, i bloghopped from gattina's. i love your blog, its really informative. keep up the good work!

p/s : i love yr banner too. looks so peaceful & serene =)


Blogger Fran said ... (6/10/2006 9:15 AM) : 

Love the post. Have a safe day! I grew up a big city girl with lots of country cousins, so I learned gun safety at a VERY early age. If anyone is not safe (doesn't matter WHO it is) you get outta there! FAST!!!! Hope you had fun. Hope your pinkies kept the polish & can't wait to see your plant pics.


Blogger Ziz said ... (6/10/2006 11:39 AM) : 

good luck good luck!! :o)


Blogger Acme Instant Food said ... (6/10/2006 1:08 PM) : 

Very sensible. Can't be running around in the dirt, shooting things while wearing open-toed sandals, right? You'd ruin the pedicure!

I want someone to photograph you while you are snapping picts of the plated wilderness offerings.


Blogger Lis said ... (6/11/2006 6:53 AM) : 

Evan - thanks for stopping by :D Not only is it nice to meet someone new, but I got to see your blog, which is new to me. I love it! Your pictures are phenomenal :D I'll be checking back in often to see what you've come up with next =)

Fran - thanks for the safe wishes! The instructors were really safety conscious and they wouldn't let us touch the guns before we convinced them we understood the rules. Which was very comforting to me as a couple of my "classmates" were kind of scaring me at first. lol I'm really glad I went, it was a blast! (no pun intended lol)

Ali - thank you! thank you! heeehee

Kevin - Yes you are so right.. there was a lot of dirt and dust so I'm glad now that I covered the piggies. lol Pictures were taken, with disposable cameras so when the gals get them developed and I see that I don't look like a psychopath holding my 6 shooter, maybe I'll post 'em. ;)


Blogger Laura Rebecca said ... (6/11/2006 10:32 AM) : 

OK, Lis, you can't give us a big buildup like that and then NOT tell us what the day was like. Spill it. ;)


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