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Monday, September 25, 2006

Blog of the Week September 24, 2006

This week I am saluting, Meeta of What's for Lunch Honey? Although I did not discover Meeta's blog during the Festa, it wasn't very long before that I did have the utmost pleasure in meeting her when she held the very popular Blogger Postcards From the World event. From corresponding with her through e-mail a few times, I quickly discovered that I had found a new friend. Her warmness towards me, a complete stranger, made me feel special. In getting to know her and what she does, how she lives and the simple pleasures she takes in life made me feel as if I had known her for many years, and not just a few days. She's a very special gal.. full of energy and love for life. She's a devoted wife and mother who also works from home and is always on the go. Her son, Soeren is absolutely adorable and you can tell from her stories, that he loves what his mom prepares for him.. he has quite a mature sense of taste at his young age, that's for sure! For example, just one of her many fabulous posts was regarding two salsas she made. A tomato based salsa and a pineapple/avocado salsa. When I read about them, I knew I just had to try the avocado one but I'm an adult who doesn't turn her nose up at different and new flavor combinations, whereas many 4 year olds would. But not Soeren - he loved it and dubbed it "pureed frog sauce". har!

Meeta's posts are chock full of information, including nutritional facts, preparation tips, opinions from her family and of course, delightful stories regarding why she cooked which dish. She even lets you know what music she was listening too during her meal! I love that =) Another great thing about Meeta's blog is that she's recently started an online "cooking school" where she shows you step by step how to make delicious meals. I look forward to these posts very much as she has a lot of great tips and information that you may not know. Even if you were familiar with making the dish she's chosen, it's most certain you'll pick up a little gem or two while reading.

Put What's for Lunch Honey? on your blogroll, kids. Because I've just scratched the surface on what you'll find there. It's a fantastic read, an inspiration for all cooks and I suspect you'll end up falling in pure lurve with Meeta as I have. :D



Comments on "Blog of the Week September 24, 2006"


Blogger Kalyn Denny said ... (9/25/2006 8:52 AM) : 

I agree, Meeta is great and very talented with that camera!


Blogger Meeta K. Wolff said ... (10/05/2006 6:11 AM) : 

OMG!! You are fantastic and I am so honored!! I am just back from vacation and am catching up on my blog reading. What do I find? This has made coming home really fab, Lisa. You are THE gem, that I have found and I thank you so very much for your wonderful and touching words. Damn it where did I put those tissues ... sniff!


Blogger Pepper said ... (10/05/2006 5:32 PM) : 

The Daily Tiffin is one of my favourite blogs. The food is nearly always appealingly shot and looks delicious. Also, her obvious affection for her son and pleasure she takes in caring for him make her posts very enjoyable to read.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10/07/2006 1:14 AM) : 

Totally agree...everyone loves Meeta hahaa, and Im no different :) She is one of my first friends I made amongst the food bloggers ;)


Blogger FH said ... (10/07/2006 9:36 AM) : 

YUP!! I like Meeta very much because she called me "Wild"!!Tee Hee!!

And she is a good mommy!!:))


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