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Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Worthy Cause Indeed..

Hi kids!

Hey, I just wanted to take a moment and mention to ya'll about a great charity event going on right now at Ari's Baking and Books blog.

Ari is a gorgeous gal who is quite talented in the kitchen and just a joy to know. She's started working at a non-profit organization called Hazon and their goal is to educate the world regarding our environment, the foods we eat and the effect that this relationship has on our spirituality. I find this not only fascinating, but also extremely important for our generation and the generations of the future to take to heart.

To raise awareness, Ari has started an online book raffle. There are 76 prizes up for grabs and tickets only cost $5.00 each. Check out this link to read all about it.. and while you are there - what's $5.00 for such a worthy cause, yes? Not only will you be helping to educate and improve our world, but heck - you could also win an awesome cookbook! A pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. :)


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