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Monday, January 28, 2008

A Sunny Welcome to the New Year!

Did January fly by or what? That's NOT a complaint, btw.. the quicker winter gets the flock outta Ohio, the happier I'll be! :)

When Jen, our lovely January hostess and author of The Canadian Baker announced what this month's challenge was going to be, I was a little distraught. Lemon Meringue Pie.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Some of you might remember way back when we made The Martha's Craptastic Crepe Cake. I had originally wanted to fill my crepe layers with a blood orange curd. currdddddddd kuh uurrrrddddddddd Ugh the sound of it still gives me the willies. So when I knew I'd be attempting another curd, I was shaking in my black fuzzy slippers.

Lemon Meringue Pie

I had no problems with the crust.. I used all the water, but didn't add any more. It was pretty dry when I turned it out onto the counter, but I just kept smooshing until I could get it all together. I wrapped it and threw it into the fridge for a while and when I needed it, it rolled out nicely.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Amazingly, I have no horror stories for you guys this month! I KNOW! Can you believe it?? My curd turned out beautiful.. there wasn't even a whiff of ass this time. Bonus. I was a little disturbed when the cornstarch, sugar and water concoction started to thicken.. And I know I wasn't the only one, so don't even pretend you didn't think this exact same thing! "I've just cooked myself up a batch of snot." I wasn't expecting that.. but I carried on and was rewarded with a thick and creamy, quite tart, lemon curd.

Lemon Meringue Pie
My pretty crust broke :(

Although I was extremely pleased with myself that I did not end up with lemony scrambled eggs, I wasn't exactly thrilled with the taste of it. As Helene can attest, it was too tart for me, but after thinking on that I realized that, DUH.. it should be tart because the meringue is so sweet. They'll balance each other nicely - and they did!

Lemon Meringue Pie

The meringue, again, I had no problems.. they whipped up all nice and poofy! I did not bake the meringue though. I had an opportunity to try a torch for the first time, so I went for it. Ask me what kind of torch.. go ahead.. ask me.. I used a Bernz-O-Matic torch! That's a small, propane fueled torch that is used for saudering pipes. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I still crack up at the thought of Hubbs and I taking turns weilding that thing on my vulnerable meringue. teeee! But it was fun! I am so buying a lil kitchen torch now! One where I won't need to wear a welder's helmut for protection! 'kay nooooo.. we didn't wear the welder's helmut. But that would have made a lovely photo. Next time maybe. :)

Lemon Meringue Pie

Speaking of Hubbs, he is an LMP connoisseur as it's his favorite dessert of all time. So I was a bit nervous when I served him the first slice, which, btw, did not produce a puddle of liquid and did hold it's shape beautifully. The look on his face was priceless after he took his first bite. He put the plate down and gave me a hug! Said it was the best LMP he'd ever had.. so, I guess it was good! hehehe

Great big thanks to Jen for picking a really nice challenge this month! And huge, huge thanks to all of the Daring Bakers and our soon-to-be Daring Bakers.. we're over 500 strong now! Woot! Please, click on the Daring Baker link to the right and go check out some of the best lookin' Lemon Meringue Pies that you'll ever see. :)

Lemon Meringue Pie


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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Round Table Review :: Where Flavor was Born

A little while back I was asked by one of my most favorite people in all the world, Sara, if I'd like to review a cookbook. "Hell yes I'd like to.. I love cookbooks!" Shortly after, I received one of the most gorgeous cookbooks I'd ever seen.


Where Flavor was Born: Recipes and Culinary Travels Along the Indian Ocean Spice Route by Andreas Viestad.

I loved the layout of this book.. I liked how Andreas categorized recipes by their prominent spice usage and by country they relate to. I also love how there are sweet and savory recipes for most of the spices.

The deal was.. we were all to pick a few recipes that we wanted to try, hand 'em in to Sara and she'd pick 6 recipes from the bunch that we'd all make. She chose "Fresh Yogurt-Cucumber Soup with Coriander and Cumin", "Entrecote (steak) with Onion, Ginger and Tamarind", "Grilled Green Fish with Red Rice", "Stuffed Onions with Ginger and Lamb", "Bananas with Coconut and Cardamom", and finally, "Coconut Curry Cake".

Well right off the bat, I knew I'd first be trying the steak, the bananas and the coconut cake. Followed by the stuffed onions, fish and finally the soup. The first was the steak.. the recipe called for Tamarind. I'd never heard of Tamarind before so I had to go in search of it.. three grocery stores later, I could not find it.. so my Entrecote with Onion, Ginger and Tamarind was missing the Tamarind. After reading about everyone's trials and tribulations with this recipe, I can confidently say it's a winner by all. The trick, it seemed, was to cut back on the tamarind a bit. I can't really say for sure.. I mean, my steak with the onions and ginger was heavenly, but I don't know how I'd like it with the Tamarind since I couldn't find it. Unfortunately, I slipped into a mild loss of mind, as we actually ate these steaks without photos being taken. I know!!! What the hell?

Second on my list was the bananas.. ohh Lordie I do loves me my bananas.. AND I love coconut. This recipe is super easy, with only 5 ingredients and it all comes together in one pan.. how could this go wrong?

Let us not forget who writes this blog, shant we?

I have never cooked with coconut milk before. But I obviously had planned on trying it as I had 3 cans of it in my pantry. One was "light" coconut milk, so I quickly decided not to use it. The other two weren't light but they were made by different companies. I decided to go with the company I was more familiar with. Again.. I've never used coconut milk before.

I get my ingredients out on my counter, smoosh my cardamom pods like the recipe says and then I open up my can of coconut "milk". Uhhh.. milk she was not. I believe they should have labeled the can coconut "lard". This stuff was solid. And creamy-like. Like Crisco! But it smelled better. Well having never used the stuff before, I just figured that's the way it came. So I scooped out what was needed and flopped it into my pan along with the cardamom pods. Immediately it started to melt, so I figured this is where the "milk" comes into play.. now it actually looked like milk!

Coconut Milk Gone Very Wrong.

I let my lil green cardamom pods steep in the "milk" for a bit then I added my nanners and some brown sugar. Everything was going swimmingly! The mixture started bubbling around the nanners and it was smelling pretty nice..

Bananas with Coconut & Cardamom

I poured the whole thing into a bowl and let it cool for a bit before I took my first bite. Remember how I said I loved me my nanners and coconut? So it shouldn't be surprising that my first bite was a big one.. oh yeah baby, I filled these lips with warm banana and... ass juice?? *spit* *cough* *sputter* *wipe tongue off with dish towel* *spit* *make awkward face* *wonder just what the hell I did to deserve that kind of punishment??*

Needless to say that horrible dish of Satan, was promptly poured into the bin.

I couldn't understand it.. I didn't think it could have been the recipe.. the recipe also called for cloves, but they give me the hives, so I left them out - but dear sweet baby jebus, they certainly couldn't have helped what was created on my stovetop! I re-read the recipe and knew I had followed it's easy instructions to the T.. so what the freeg?

I wrote to Sara next.. "Uhhh.. is coconut "milk" suppose to be solid and more like coconut "lard"?? "Does coconut "milk" smell really good but tastes like ass?" To which she replied, "Well no, it's not suppose to be entirely solid.. the cream rises to the top like regular milk, but below should be liquid." 'kay well I checked the remaining contents of that can and it was solid through and through. I had myself some bad coconut milk!!!

Unforch, the experience was a lil too traumatic for me to retry the recipe with the other can of coconut milk I had. But today, today we went to our favorite Asian market and I purchased coconut milk that, when shaken, sounded liquidy! AND I bought coconut cream.. and it sounded liquidy too.. so this recipe will be tried again and I have a feeling that I'll love it.

Coconut Curry Cake

Finally, no.. sadly, my last recipe that I tried was the Coconut Curry Cake. (I say sadly because that fish and red rice truly called out to me. I wish I could have made it in time for this review.) The first thing I noticed about the cake was that it was mild. Chock full of cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, nutmeg and ginger you'd think that it'd pack more of a spicy punch. I used a coarsely grated coconut so I could really taste it, where the others could not. Also, my cake came out almost underdone, so it was quite moist. I did top this cake with a quick cream cheese frosting, but only because W won't let cake touch his lips unless there is frosting on it. *sigh* I'd make this cake again, for sure, but I'd double those spice amounts and I'd add even a lil more coconut. I think this cake has lots of possibilities as well.. canned pineapple chunks would be great it in.. smooshed bananas would be heavenly.. a good sprinkle of powdered sugar on top would suffice if you needed a lil more oomph on your cake - but the cream cheese frosting was also a nice compliment.

Coconut Curry Cake
Sorry for such badly lit photos.. night time comes way too soon this time of year. :(

I can sincerely say, Where Flavor was Born, is one of my new favorite books. The recipes that I tried, and have bookmarked to try in the future, are written cleanly with easy to follow instructions. The photos, by Mette Randem, were simply breath taking and the "extras" such as the section labeled: "The Spices of the Indian Ocean at a Glance" was very helpful and I learned quite a bit from reading though them.

And even though I only made 3 recipes, 1 of which was missing a main ingredient and the other a tangent into the depths of hell because I had coconut milk gone way wrong, I can still say, genuinely, that this is a great cookbook for the novice to expert cook. For me, what I got from this book more than anything else, is a little more confidence in trying recipes with spices that I'm not use to, and learning about the foods of cultures that I really don't know much about. It's made me think. :)

Thank you Sara! Thanks for thinking of me for this project! Thanks very much to Andreas and Mette for a gorgeous book! Thanks to Sia and The Lisa Ekus Group for sending the book (with such a nice note attached, thank you!) to me! And finally, thanks to Mike, Deborah and Mary for keeping me quite entertained this last week or so of constant banter through email. :)

If you'd like to try a few of the recipes that we tried, head on over to Sara's i like to cook where she will post them a little later today. :D



Monday, January 21, 2008


New post up at FoodieView!

I'm talkin' comfort food, my lovelies.. go take a gander and let me and the FoodieView readers know what YOUR favorite comfort foods are!

Baked Penne & Sausage after :)
Baked Penne



Thursday, January 17, 2008

Exciting News! Also, a New Scallops Recipe!

Thanks to everyone who gave their opinions on the Reynolds Parchment Paper! Daniel wrote and said that he will pass along the comments to Reynolds.. so maybe, just maybe, they'll listen and our parchment paper blues will end! heee!

Has been a pretty busy week.. and I haven't cooked much new and exciting, but I do have some new and exciting news! Tuesday was "Lung Day 2008". Yeah, not a national holiday but a very important date to my mom and myself. Tuesday we went to 2 doctors and they both agreed.. "IT'S NOT A TUMAH!" (Did I sound even remotely like Arnold?) WOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! What a fakkin relief. Talk about being scared out of your mind for 2 months. But it's all good now. :)

(Whoops! For those of you who are lost at this point.. they found "something" on my mom's left lung 2 months ago.. but it was too small to tell exactly what it was.. finally after a very long wait a 2nd CT scan showed it was NOT a tumor)

Anyhoo.. from new and exciting news to a new and exciting recipe that both Hubbs and I loved. Again with the scallops.. his favorite seafood. I was craving pasta like you would not believe so I went in search for a scallops-y pasta-y recipe packed full of deliciousness.

It didn't take long.. I went to Cooking Light's website and found a recipe that sounded pretty good and included ingredients that I had on hand. Bonus! This dish ended up being really, really good. A creamy red pepper and cheese sauce that has outstanding flavor, wrapped around tender scallops and al dente linguine. Superb!

It was super easy to make.. well.. it would be super easy to make for any other person on the face of the planet. All that was required was pulsing the sauce ingredients in the food processor, sautéing the scallops, cooking the pasta until almost done and then baking the whole kit-n-caboodle in my Ohhh so sexy dutch oven.

My new pride and joy =)

Easy peasy, right?

No. Not right. Not even close. If you are me. With the bad juju. Fakk no it was NOT EASY. There's a lesson here, kids.. now pay attention to what I'm about to say..

I've got one of those food processors that has a lid with a shooter tunnel thingie on the side.. you know, it kind of resembles your pet hamster's playground but you'd never let your preshus hamster play in this playground because the hamsters in this neighborhood play with spinning blades. Anyway.. this shooter thingie, I suppose it's got a purpose. I just don't know what it is. Well another little feature that my food processor has is a slit in the lid. And in this slit is a removable plastic blade-like thingie. I never really gave much thought to this removable plastic blade-like thingie other than to wash it once I was finished processing.

So, did it even occur to me that I was headed for a rude awakening when I noticed the lil plastic blade-like thingie wasn't in the slit on the lid? Did I even give it a second thought?

No. No I did not.

I didn't think about it after I threw in the roasted red peppers, the fat-free cream cheese, the salt and the hot water.. I didn't even think about it when my hand pushed the pulse button down.. HELLO! It was at that particular point, when the contents of my processor bowl shot out of the shooter thingie covering my legs, feet, floor, dog dishes, butcher block table and assorted small appliances in a curtain of warm, chunky, liquidy, pink gobble-dee-gook. ewwwwwwwwww!


MOTHER F*CKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SON OF A MOTHERLESS GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!

It was squishy between my toes. That's not such a very good squish. Me no likey.

Thankfully, my sweet male counter-part, heard my "alarm" and came running. After he stopped laughing, he grabbed a bunch of paper towels and started cleaning up the floor so the dogs couldn't OD on pureed cheesy peppers. I waddled on my heels to go hose down my legs and feet. Gah.

And the lesson learned? If you own one of these instruments of Satan, go bury it in the back yard. No, that's too close.. go find a field somewhere and bury it. It probably wouldn't hurt to douse the site in holy water as well. To extreme for you? Then right now.. before you read another word - go find the duct tape and close that side shooter tunnel thingie for good! (and it probably wouldn't hurt to douse the tape in holy water as well)

Satan's Salad  Shooter

Luckily, I had another jar of peppers and more fat-free cream cheese, so I started over, only this time I made sure the f*ckin' plastic blade-like thingie was in the f*ckin' lid of the f*ckin' processor. God.

I have to say.. although I really don't think any recipe is worth what I went through, this one was pretty darned good. Creamy, cheesy, sweet and smokey bell peppery with the bite of the just-done linguine and those scallops were super tender and didn't lose their flavor under the sauce.

I recommend this low-fat / low-cal but doesn't taste low-fat / low-cal recipe! Give it a shot! My only change would be to thin the sauce a little bit.. maybe adding a little of the pepper "juice" next time. Even if you aren't a scallops fan, try it with shrimps (the original recipe actually called for scallops and shrimp - as well as ziti instead of linguine).. or leave the seafood out completely. The sauce would be completely delish over some cheesie ravioli or tortellini.

You can find the recipe here.

Here's my take on the recipe in photographs! And for those of you wondering.. sorry! the camera didn't come out until after my kitchen AND MY TOES were clean.. :)

Baked Linguine with Scallops
First you slather up your sexy dutch oven with a lil olive oil and you slip some linguine in a nice salty bath until it's almost done.

Baked Linguine with Scallops
Then you toss in a lil garlic, finely chopped..

Baked Linguine with Scallops
Finally the scallops go in for a quick sear on each side.

Baked Linguine with Scallops
Once you've seared in the flavor of the scallops, pour that crazy roasted pepper sauce over them.

Baked Linguine with Scallops
Don't forget the linguine!

Baked Linguine with Scallops
What's a lil pasta without some parsley, eh?

Baked Linguine with Scallops
And who would think of putting all that goodness in the oven half-nekked like that?? There's ALWAYS room for an Asiago blanket to keep our scallops toasty warm in that 400º oven!

Baked Linguine with Scallops
Mmmm.. melty cheesie goodness!

Baked Linguine with Scallops
Voila! Slightly blurry, but ohhhh so luscious Baked Sea Scallops and Linguine in Roasted Pepper Sauce! *slurp*


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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My First Product Review!

About a month and a half ago, a very nice man, Daniel DeMoss of the PR firm Manning, Selvage & Lee, contacted me asking if I’d like to test a product from one of their clients. Specifically, parchment paper made by Reynolds.


I was very interested so I sent him my address and waited patiently for my package of Reynolds’ parchment paper to arrive.

'kay so remember how I said things were a bit chaotic back in November-December? Well, I realized at that time that I did, indeed, own a brain. But I only realized that lil gem after I had misplaced said brain so many times. Gah. And one of those times would be right after I ripped open the box – I forgot to take photos. AND I pretty much forgot to take photos through my whole cookie baking experience.. go me! But what arrived was a rather large round cookie tin. Inside was the sample of pre-cut sheets of the parchment paper as well as a few cookie recipes.

My first impression when I saw the sample paper was this:


Yeah, I know.. it doesn’t take much.

But I really was quite excited, because the answer to my parchment paper prayers had finally come true! Pre-cut sheets! No more trying to slice a sheet off the roll that comes in those flimsy boxes! Truly, that is my biggest pet peeve when I’m baking.. knowing I'll have to wrestle the box to get the paper out. Drives me cah-rassseeeee!

At that point, I decided to e-mail Daniel and ask if this is the way Reynolds was going to market their paper. Alas, he said no. :( It was just pre-cut for the sample, but I'd have to continue buying the roll from my supermarket. Bummer.

Well, I managed to find time to bake my cookies a couple days later (and by a couple, I mean 2 weeks later) and although I did not bake the cookie recipes that came with the parchment paper sample, I did bake for 2 days straight and I did use the heck out of that paper. I remember back before I discovered parchment paper and how amazed I was once I used it the first time. Not one cookie spot-welded to the cookie sheet. Now that was a beautiful sight.

Bene Wafers
Benne wafers awaiting the oven

So yeah, this wasn't my first rodeo with Reynolds' parchment paper. It's the parchment paper I have been buying for years. I love this paper and won't bake without it. But that's kinda boring and there IS something I wish would change to make this awesome product even better and that's… The packaging is not a good thing, as my idol The Martha, would say. The box is too flimsy to be able to get a clean cut easily. I understand that the paper needs to come in rolls for there are some uses when you need a lot of it.. but cookie baking is a HUGE part of the home baker's repertoire and I know I'd be VERY GRATEFUL for pre-cut sheets that I could just slap on my cookie sheets without having to wrestle the box, nicking my finger in the process. I also think pre-cut common sized rounds of the paper for cake pans would also be fabulous as well.

So if I'm thinking this, then there MUST be other home bakers who feel the same way, yes? No? Is it just me and my ease in finding something wrong with just about everything? Nah.. there are plenty of things I think are just perfect they way they are.

So here's where you come in, friends! Leave a comment about how you feel about Reynolds' parchment paper if you've used it. If you haven't used it yet.. run out and get yourself some, whip up some chocolate chip cookies (I can send my address if you want to get rid of them) and then chime in! It doesn't have to be about the packaging.. it doesn't have to be about something you dislike or wish that could be better.. it can be a big sloppy wet kiss because you love Reynolds and their rascally paper. :D Or not.. whot-evah, kids. What's important is that your opinion counts and Mr. DeMoss and his firm want to hear what you've got to say. So let's hear it!

A great big THANK YOU! to Daniel and MS & L for asking me to participate in this review. I enjoyed it and honestly am happy I could share my opinion. :)


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Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008 Had Better Kick 2007's Heiney!

Hello out there!

I do not cook anything exciting, new or interesting any more. What is a food blogger to do? She could stop blogging, which she's pretty much accomplished. But she hates not blogging. She misses her lil blog. She could force herself to start cookin' new and exciting recipes! But she is all about comfort right now.. it's fakking cold outside.

Oh!! I know!!!

She can snag a minute or two and read a few of her favorite blogs and STEAL THEIR IDEAS!! WOO HOOOO!!!!! And what's even better? These ideas aren't really food related! I hope I don't get kicked outta the food blogger's club! But I figure, it's my kitchen - at least that's what the title of this lil blog implies, yes? So if it's my kitchen and I wanna make myself comfy at the kitchen table with some books, magazines, writing paper and pens, then I should be able to do that once in a while, yes? :D

So we are starting off with not so much an idea stolen, but with a meme that my lovely friend posted on her blog last summer and DIDN'T tag me with. The nerve! A chance to talk about myself and she didn't pass the opportunity along? Hrmph.

I hope you find this entertaining (below).. I enjoyed filling it out, as it IS all about me. :)

And speaking of me.. If I haven't come off as completely self centered yet, why not kick off the new year by pounding that concept into your gorgeous and sexy lil heads a lil further by telling ya'll about this fantastic opportunity that has arisen! Someone out there actually likes my writing enough to ask me to contribute to their website! AND PAY ME! Hello? Somebody pinch me!

So let me ask your opinions.. if some fantastical website wrote to you and asked you to pretty much do what you already love to do for free.. and then actually pay you, what would you do? After saying yes, of course..

Would you put off your first assignment for a few days.. then start writing it one afternoon.. then get sidetracked and not even think about it again until you get a letter from your new bosses asking if you'll be submitting your article at said time and that said time was like 6 hours earlier?

No? That's just something I'd do? Mmm hmmm...

Talk about wanting to crawl under the nearest slab of concrete. Gah. THANKFULLY, my new bosses did not fire me, but accepted my article which was just 8 hours late! Not only that.. but they LIKED it. Even though it was LONGER than Gone With The Fakkin' Wind. And not only that? But they deposited my paycheck in my Paypal account THE! VERY! NEXT! DAY!


The website? It's called Foodieview - maybe ya'll have heard of it? It's a great source for finding recipes and even restaurants in your area. And they've got a Foodieview blog that is now hosting a newsletter called The Recipe Roundup. The newsletter features your favorite bloggers writing about subjects they love and including recipes that really mean something to them. I'm one of those bloggers! Woot! And so is Andrea, who is a fellow Daring Baker and all around fantabulous writer. =) The Recipe Roundup is still a baby, so there will be many more
awesome bloggers contributing in the future. Check it out here and then go back and visit every Monday, which is when a new Recipe Roundup is posted.


In an upcoming post, I will be reviewing a very important baking "tool", if you will. I'm not going to say what it is right now, but it's something we all use and most likely take for granted. A very nice man from public relations company has asked me to use this product and then, if I'd like, to blog about what I thought. Well, I like. So look for that in the next week or so, because I'm going to be asking ya'll a question about this product. Having absolutely no background in public relations or advertising, I feel completely comfortable enough to pass this info along in hopes that maybe your opinions will help him and his company. =)

And now.. FINALLY.. that meme I mentioned about 38 paragraphs earlier!


Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so: (Okay so this meme was originally done back in the summer, so the original 5 have certainly moved on by now.. and since I’m stealing this meme, I might as well change the rules to suit my fancy, right? Oh and if you are on the first list of 5 you have to do the meme too. Heeee! Or not.. whichever you prefer. I’m so easy.)

1. Technicolor Kitchen - Patricia
2. Taste and Tell - Deborah
3. The Pie Lady - Brittany
4. Feeding My Enthusiasms - Elle
5. Culinary Concoctions by My Gracie.

Next, select five people to tag:
1. Sara – i like to eat
2. Marie – A Year at Oak Cottage
3. Lindsay - Country Girl, City Living
4. Laurie - Quirky Cupcake
5. Kelly – Sass and Veracity

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was on my 2nd year at my present place of employment and things were not good.
Lots of in-house fighting, lots of back stabbing.. it was horrible. My father had just started becoming ill, so I was helping my mom take care of him as well (I lived with the ‘rents back then!)

What were you doing 1 year ago?
hehee not much. Working, blogging, baking, cooking, planting, marketing, working, playing, cuddling with my kids Nigel & Chloe, working, cooking, baking, creating friendships that I never thought I’d be lucky enough to have.

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. Jif peanut butter on a spoon.
2. Red or black seedless grapes wrapped in prosciutto de parma.
3. Benne wafers!!
4. Popcorn – sometimes buttery, sometimes kettle corny and sometimes peanut buttery.
5. Dark chocolate

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to:
1. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (complete with headbanging)
2. Tesla – Gettin' Better (and every other song they’ve EVER SANG)
3. AC/DC – Highway to Hell (and every other song they’ve EVER SANG)
4. Detroit Rock City – Kiss
5. Sister Christian – Night Ranger

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. Make sure my mom, my sister, W’s mom, W's brothers and all of my friends never having to worry about money again.
2. Hire Oprah’s chefs and trainers.
3. Open my own Italian restaurant
4. Move to Italy
5. Travel

Five bad habits:
1. Smoking!
2. Eating before I go to bed.
3. Swearing like a marine.
4. Letting my desk pile up with pish.
5. Biting my nails.

Five things you like doing:
1. Taking care of my family.
2. Cooking and baking
3. Writing and making myself look like an ass.
4. Watching movies and reading
5. Marketing and/or 1 tank trips

Five things you would never wear again:
1. Headbands.. circa 1989 and Jon Bon Jovi
2. Torn jeans.
3. Spandex shorts underneath the torn jeans.. ugh.
4. High top tennis shoes
5. Overalls

Five favorite toys:
1. My PC
2. My brand spankin’ new cast iron dutch oven!!
3. My camera – sometimes.
4. Our outdoor grill.. all metallic and shiny..
5. Nigel & Chloe – ‘kay they aren’t toys but I play with them ALL THE TIME. :D

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