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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Get to Host the WCC!! Squeeeeeeeee!


I'm very excited to say that this month I am the hostess of my beautiful friend, Sara's, Weekend Cookbook Challenge! :D

I've said this before, I just love this event every month.. the themes are usually quite wonderful and it gives me an excuse to thumb through my cookbooks - even though 9 out of 10 times, I end up using a recipe I find online. I'm weird like that. :P

So for my gig, I decided to give Winter one last shout out. Not so much because I like winter. In fact, I despise winter. But more as a Bon Voyage Winter! Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya! Buh Bye Now! In the words of my beloved Heidi Klum, "Auf Wiedersehen"!!

The only good thing about winter, IMHO, is a warm kitchen full of delicious aromas.. Sundays lazing around in your PJ's and making comforting and tasty dinners. Hubbs is the crockpot fan.


He loves throwing in a huge hunk o'meat and a few other ingredients before he settles in his sofa watchin fishing shows all day, all to be rewarded hours later with a stick to your ribs dinner that took no effort whatsoever. I'm the dutch oven gal. I love my brand spankin' new (kinda still) Mario Batali dutch oven.

My new pride and joy =)

I've made so many wonderful dishes in it already.. including my first attempt at the ever popular No Knead Bread. And we are both digging the birthday present my friend gave me this past year - a pressure cooker!

Pressure cookers scare me. I was raised with parents who went on about exploding pots and burning skin and the ever popular "You could poke an eye out with that thing!" 'kay.. they didn't really say the thing about pokin' an eye out, but I love using that expression whenever I can. :) Anyhoo, the pressure cooker was not used in our household while growing up, even though they owned one. My mom wasn't very comfortable using it and I can think of only one time that she did.


When I received it for my birthday, I was excited (NEW KITCHEN TOY! WOOT!) and a lil nervous. Would we end up exploding the pot and imploding my kitchen the first time we used it? Indeed, would someone lose an eye? But we sucked up our fear (me, not him.. he wasn't afraid) and tried pork ribs.. HOLY SHITE! Best ribs I've ever had.. tender, juicy, fall off the bone.. in FORTY FIVE (45) minutes! That's it.. less than an hour we had a dinner that we normally slow cook in the oven ALL DAY LONG.

I figure, if we love these 3 cookware items, then someone else out in Blogland must love using them too, yes? So sends me your recipes made using either a crockpot, a dutch oven, or a pressure cooker and in sheer awe at what you came up with, I will round them up together and display them here for the whole wide world to drool over! :D

Email me your entry at lamiacucina AT adelphia DOT net by March 26th (round-up will be March 28th) and please include:

  • Your name
  • Your blog name
  • The permalink to your submission post
  • A photo of your recipe if possible

I can not wait to see what ya'll come up with!


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Comments on "I Get to Host the WCC!! Squeeeeeeeee!"


Blogger breadchick said ... (3/05/2008 5:58 PM) : 

I can't wait! 2 of my favourite people joining forces to use one of my favourite cooking implements, the slow cooker!


Blogger Mary said ... (3/05/2008 8:54 PM) : 

My parents also instilled a healthy, I mean giant, fear of pressure cookers, and christmas tree lights catching trees on fire, and leaving the coffee pot plugged in would cause a fire. They were big on threatening fire....

I'm pretty excited about this challenge!


Blogger Carrie said ... (3/05/2008 10:58 PM) : 

Count me in! Sounds like so much fun and I use the slow cooker and the pressure cooker quite often, though I am better with the slow cooker than the pressure cooker. Thanks for the opportunity.



Blogger Aparna Balasubramanian said ... (3/06/2008 7:26 AM) : 

The pressure cooker is at the centre of my kitchen universe! In India, this is one of the things most kitchens have. I even used to bake a cake in it before I bought my oven!!
I'll see if I can manage to send you something for the event.


Blogger Tracy said ... (3/06/2008 8:04 AM) : 

I too have a pressure cooker, but unlike you I haven't worked up the nerve to use it! I'll use this as my kick in the butt to try it.


Blogger Annemarie said ... (3/06/2008 6:19 PM) : 

"Don't let the door hit ya..." Hee hee. I giggled out loud, husband had to ask at what, I told him the joke, he looked at me blankly...3 1/4 minutes later he intellectually understood where the humor came from, but we were both exhausted from the effort.

How exciting - I promised myself this would be the first WCC I'd participate in. Thanks Lis!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3/06/2008 7:37 PM) : 


The pressure cooker is one of my favorite cooking instruments! There is nothing to fear with today's pressure cookers they have so many safety features, you would have to work at getting them to explode. And, as you discovered - it is the first microwave, cutting cooking times by 70%! I'm in and I'm under pressure! (oh....that was very bad, sorry).

BTW - asking for pictures in the email is such a good idea! Genius!


Blogger Helene said ... (3/07/2008 12:51 PM) : 

All I came up with for you was this award....


Blogger PheMom said ... (3/08/2008 10:58 AM) : 

Yay! Hooray for slow cookers and dutch ovens and pressure cookers, AND NO MORE to Winter (and you know how bad I want out - just 56 days til our great escape!!) Count me in on this one. I'm thinking, thinking...


Blogger Fran Z said ... (3/08/2008 11:08 AM) : 

ahahaha no mo winter!!! i know you have the same snowy weather i do at the moment. that crock pot is coming out!!!!!!
fran z


Blogger kellypea said ... (3/08/2008 5:11 PM) : 

Lis, after seeing the fotoz of your snow, I'm thinking winter's flipping you the bird because of your smack talking in this post. Bwhahahaha! Pressure cooker, huh? My dad had one and he cooked a beef tongue in it which creeps me out to this day. But I'm in girl.


Blogger Peter M said ... (3/26/2008 10:33 AM) : 

Lis, I've just typed up my dish and I'll be posting it later today and I'll be sending you the link to include in the round-up.


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