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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Spring Zucchini

Although you can easily get your hands on zucchini year round, I don't cook with it often until spring arrives. Glorious spring and all the wonderful veggies it promises to bring throughout the next few months.. happy happy!

One of my most favorite dishes in all the world is fried zucchini.. introduced to me as a child from my father. He was a vegetable FREAK! lol Thank God, or I'd probably not like my veggies as much as I do now. Dad would cook for us mostly on Sunday mornings and afternoons.. he was the king of breakfasts and snacks.. although he did have many recipes up his sleeve, my mother was the main cook in our family. I admit there are many things my father made that made me turn my nose up.. pickled pigs feet, head cheese sandwiches, neckbone soup, etc.. hehe But when he made his simple vegetable dishes I was always standing behind him just waiting for my plate. Oh.. and his fried dough with sugar & cinnamon sprinkled on it.. yeah, I was practically perched upon his shoulders waiting for those treats to be ready to be inhaled.

He was never a fussy cook.. not many ingredients went into his dishes and they rarely were cooking for hours upon hours (except for the sauce), so it wasn't a long wait to enjoy what he had concocted. His fried zucchini are a perfect example. He simply cut the zucchini into thin slices, dipped them in a couple beaten eggs and then dredged them into a flour, salt & pepper mixture before frying them to a golden brown. They are crispy on the outside and so tender and juicy on the inside. We'd eat these alone, never as a side dish.

5-3-06 (2)

Fried Zucchini

1 or 2 medium sized zucchini, washed and cut into thin slices (coins)
2 eggs, beaten
1 c. all purpose flour
1 TBS. salt
1 TBS. freshly ground black pepper
1/2 c. vegetable or canola oil for frying

Put oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Combine the flour, salt and pepper thoroughly in a large shallow bowl. Dip your zucchini coins in the eggs and then dredge them in the flour mixture turning over to coat the coin completely, laying each coated coin on a tray or rack. Once the oil is hot (can be tested by dropping a small amount of the eggs in the oil, if they sizzle it's ready) carefully place the zucchini slices in a single layer but don't crowd them. Fry each side for roughly 3 to 4 minutes (until they are golden brown), drain on either paper towels or a brown paper bag. Lightly sprinkle with a little more salt if you think it's needed.. eat immediately if not sooner =)


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Comments on "Spring Zucchini"


Blogger Curiosity Killed the Cook said ... (5/04/2006 8:18 AM) : 


Just stumbled upon your site while Blog-Surfing. What a beautiful design! Are those rolling hills in Ohio? That's some country.

p.s. I'm eyeing that Chocolate Espresso Cake with actual physical pain. Oh heavens. Am not sure whether to say "Thank you for the recipe!" or "Get that away from me!" =)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5/04/2006 10:16 AM) : 

this is almost the same dish as a Korean side dish my mother makes on feast days (ended up as a feast day food for us as zucchinis aren't exactly cheap in Korea...)

only difference is that we treated the zucchini like eggplant, in that it was chopped and then lightly salted and left out till they went wobbly, then floured, egged and fried :) It's still a favourite of mine, and a quick and easy dish when you've got cravings!


Blogger Lis said ... (5/04/2006 11:06 AM) : 

curious cook - Hello to you! Thanks so much for stopping by =) And thank you for such a nice compliment.. my friend Ali, from Something So Clever, designed my site for me.. she did a marvelous job, didn't she? =) Well.. I wish that photo was Ohio (maybe I'd like it here better? ha!) but alas, it is a photo of the rolling hills in Italy - a place I dream of being one day :D

The cake really was marvelous.. although I have now packed it up and given it to my mother, you see it will literally SCREAM at you from your kitchen counter (or it could be the voices in my head) to pick at & eat constantly and that's the ONLY bad thing I can say about it =)

Ellie - that sounds wonderful as well and you can betcher bottom that I'll be trying it - I lurve eggplant! As a matter of fact, I'm going to be experimenting with one this evening.. MUAHAHAA! *evil scientist laugh* =P


Blogger Acme Instant Food said ... (5/04/2006 11:09 AM) : 

When I look at that pict of fried zucchini, I experience what a heroin addict must feel when he meets up with his dealer! I could devour that whole plate and elbow in the eye anyone who tries to take it away from me. I used to make a guilty meal out of fried zucchini and french onion soup served by this quirky restaurant in West Hollywood. Nice photo!!!

Also...regarding the curry discussion...if you use a mild yellow curry you will not end up with a dish with loads of heat. It just adds that very distintive savory flavor and aroma. The hot curry pastes (red or green) will straighten your hair and make the dogs run for cover out in the garden! Let me know what happens if you decide to visit the curry isle in the store. Happy trails.
P.S. "Curiosity" is right--your site is really well done. Makes me realize that I have GOT to learn HTML and get busy.


Blogger Ziz said ... (5/04/2006 11:48 PM) : 

yummy I am totally making this tonight or tomorrow :o)


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