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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Normally, I don't pass along much that's controversial. I'm usually the silent rage type that does what she's gotta do for what she believes in without shoving it done other people's throats. But since reading this post on Laura Rebecca's Kitchen I can't stop thinking about it.

This is just another instance of corporate america trying to dictate to us the consumer how to live our lives. Not even so much as dictating as forcing us to live by their rules - rules that make them richer and us well.. quite less rich. It's complete and total bullshit. I don't shop at Walmart that often, but the last time I went? Was the last time I'll ever spend money there. We the consumer like the idea of buying produce and meat that has not be raised on chemicals.. some chemicals that have been proven to cause certain types of cancer. Yes, these products are much better for the health of the public, and I'm all for it - and prepared to pay a higher price for it if that means that these products are grown and raised in a responsible manner. But what Walmart is trying to do is to only buy from shoddy organic "farmers". I use the word "farmers" loosely here. These are the cost cutting people who will do whatever it takes to bring their product to the table at the cheapest cost possible - regardless of what that takes. That's what Walmart is buying. Walmart is going to push out responsible farmers who take great care in what they grow or raise. And Walmart can get away with it because it's the leading grocer in America.

What makes Walmart different from companies like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon? The huge communication corporations that are trying to force what we can and can not view on the internet. The only difference is the products these corporations sell. They are nothing but bullies. They are the equivalent to those bullies who threaten and physically harm the weaker kids on the playground for their lunch money. We are those weaker kids, people!

I'm sorry.. I won't go on and blubber about this. I'm just so tired of being told how I'm to live my life. Organic foods and the internet may be small, even insignificant, parts of life in general.. but if this is where it starts.. where will it end?


Comments on "WalFart..."


Blogger Laura Rebecca said ... (6/08/2006 9:25 AM) : 

Tell it, sister! TESTIFY!

I avoid going to WalMart. Though for those of us living in a rural area, it can be very difficult to avoid WalMart's siren song of convenience and low prices -- which is just the way WalMart wants it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6/08/2006 9:46 PM) : 

Whilst we don't have Walmart in Australia, our two main supermarket chains Coles and Safeway have both been widely scrutinized in the media for the same kinds of atrocities - ripping off farmers and consumers alike to continuously increase their profit margin.

Whilst I try and get my produce from markets or small, family run grocers/butchers/fishmongers, sometimes I have no option but to go to Coles as they're the only place where I can get butter at 8pm at night when I'm dying with desire to bake something :(

In another 5 years or so, I wouldn't be surprised if we suddenly found ourselves without any real farmers, but just farms wholly owned and run by the supermarket chains. Lord knows, we're already on our way there :(


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