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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Foodblogger's Guide to the Globe

Guide to the Globe

Melissa of The Traveler's Lunchbox has come up with a terrific idea of asking food bloggers from around the world what are the top five foods that you would recommend to anyone to try before you die.

I love this idea and after seeing a few other blogs joining in I knew I had to participate as well. It's very interesting to see what everyone's top five list is.. some list items will excite you and make you drool in anticipation of trying the dish. Other list items will fascinate you and kind of gross you out at the same time, hehehee! Regardless of your reaction to someone's list of top five's.. the one thing you'll take away from Melissa's Global survey is a new appreciation for the foods that people eat and enjoy from all over the world!

And without further ado.. my list of top five foods that I sincerely hope you try (if you haven't already) before you die!

1: Raw Oysters - Look beyond the slightly slimey appearance and texture. The taste of a fresh raw oyster is beyond mind blowing. There is nothing better than a fresh oyster with a dab of a spicey cocktail sauce and a saltine cracker. My absolute number one favorite food of all time. Not only because of the taste but it was the one food love that my father and I shared alone.

2: Funnnel Cake - They scream summer fun to me. I can not wait for the bevy of festivals that pop up in my local area during the summmer. The first kiosk we head to are where the Funnel Cakes are made. (It's also the last kiosk we hit - you just have to take one to go, yes?) When you receive a well made, not too doughy with the right crispiness and a thick layer of powdered sugar on top, all your worries and stress seem to drain.

3: Fried Zucchini - Fresh from the garden zucchini sliced thin and lightly coated with flour, salt & pepper then fried golden brown. Eaten the very instant they cool off enough to pop them in your mouth. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Yum!

4: Lobster tail from Silvestro's Depot Restaurant in Painesville, Ohio - Never in my life have I had a more tender, flavorful lobster tail. I'm not sure exactly where they get their tails from, but the preparation of them is always excellent. Now let's talk size, okay? You will never get a lobster tail that doesn't weight at least 1 full pound. At Least. And we're just talking the tail here, people! Holy crustaceans!

5: Chicken Dinner, Family Style, from the Bavarian Inn at Frankenmuth, Michigan - Come hungry, that's all I've got to say. Not only is their fried chicken excellent, but you are served a multi-course meal, family style. I'm talking different breads and rolls with just as many different jams, jellies and even an out of this world goose liver pate along with different salads and appetizers. Followed by the main course of freshly fried chicken, smashed potatoes, corn on the cob and all the rest of the fixin's. Room for dessert? Not usually, but that doesn't stop them from bringing several different delectables right to your table to pick at and wonder which fork/spoonful will, seriously, cause you to explode.

It was hard picking just 5 and I've probably forgotten a few.. but dems the rules! ;)

Check out everyone else's lists at The Traveler's Lunchbox and see what the world is recommending!


Comments on "The Foodblogger's Guide to the Globe"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8/28/2006 3:38 AM) : 

Oh yes, funnel cake! Yummy. We didn't go to the fair this year and I definately missed having those!


Blogger Caribbean Dreamer said ... (8/28/2006 6:04 PM) : 

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Blogger Caribbean Dreamer said ... (8/28/2006 6:05 PM) : 

If I died tomorrow, I can at least say that I've enjoyed the feast at the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth. Many years ago, though....thanks for bring back the memory!


Blogger Gattina Cheung said ... (8/28/2006 9:25 PM) : 

Lis, oyster and lobster (tail)... I crazy for them too! But in my area hardly gets any super fresh seafood, now I almost can't remember what their tastes like...


Blogger Lis said ... (8/29/2006 5:42 AM) : 

peabody - we hit our favorite festival this year pretty much just for the funnel cakes, these people know exactly how much batter to use, how crispy they should be and they "sprinkle" a truckload of sugar on top.. gawd to die for =)

Alison - They treat you right up in Frankenmuth, don't they? hehee Such a cute town too.. I love going in the Summer for a little Christmas in July =)

Gattina - Oh I'm so sorry to hear that =( We're lucky here. Although, before I die - I want to go to Maine and have super fresh oysters and lobster! One day!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8/29/2006 6:08 AM) : 

What on earth is this funnel cake! The really interesting bit of everyone doing this meme has been finding out about new dishes! Now, off to google funnel cakes!


Blogger Acme Instant Food said ... (8/29/2006 6:07 PM) : 

Fried Zuchinni!!!!!!!!!
*drooling a la Homer*


Blogger Lis said ... (8/30/2006 12:00 PM) : 

Ellie - Okay I just tried to describe what funnel cakes are but I kept getting lost for words to describe how they look lol So I found this link: showing how they are made and this link: giving a description but I'm sure you've found out all about them by now, eh? hehehe

Kevin - Tell me about it.. hard not to drool when thinking about fried zucchini. Gawd.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8/30/2006 1:47 PM) : 

Well I've tried the oysters and zucchini so I guess I have to work on the other things ...


Blogger Tracie P. said ... (8/31/2006 11:06 AM) : 

ooh i love lists! and i love me some zucchini. i'm gonna do one too


Blogger Acme Instant Food said ... (8/31/2006 1:02 PM) : 

I copied my reply to your comment on ACME just in case you didn't see it. The powdered buttermilk thing is soooooo handy.

Lis-It's Saco Foods Cultured Buttermilk. I found it next to the powdered milk in the store. I don't think you'll ever mistake it for real buttermilk, but I keep it around for the rare occasion I want it for baking. It's always worked just fine. Highly recommended.

And, I'd pay money to see Carol Brady knock Martha to the ground and then pour Wesson Oil over her and leave her for ants to attack.


Blogger christine said ... (8/31/2006 3:08 PM) : 

That is one mouth-watering list! I love your blog, wish I had found it sooner! :)


Blogger Lis said ... (8/31/2006 6:18 PM) : 

Ivonne - Ohhhh I hope you do.. so that means you'll have to come to my hometown to try the lobster - you will stay with us and we'll have a slumber party! :D

Tracie - I can't wait to read your list!

Kevin - I admit, when I was at your blog this morning reading about the hens, I forgot to go back to the comments of the muffins.. so thank you so much for copying your reply here! I'll be looking for the powdered buttermilk the next time I'm shopping.. I hope they've got it!

Christine - Why thank you! I'm so glad you commented.. I hope you can find lots of recipes to try! It is so nice to meet you! =)


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