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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Peachy Surprise!

This is the 2nd of the two posts in which I want to express my gratitude and sheer happiness to have the friends I have.

A little over a month ago, I was painfully reading post after post of peach recipes. Why painful? Because here, in the Armpit Of The Midwest, a juicy, sweet and flavorful peach is almost unheard of. I know they've got to be out there, but they certainly aren't featured in any store I shop in. I always see the rock hard, dry and cardboard tasting variety. Ugh. So imagine how hard it was to get two peach pie submissions for La Festa al Fresco, you know that "virtual" party that Ivonne and I throw each year? Virtual meaning.. uhhh.. no real tasty tastes! Sure I've got a good imagination, but c'mon! I was being tortured!

Well Chris of Mele Cotte, was one of my torturers, I mean that in the nicest way possible :P, when she submitted a recipe for Piled High Peach Pie. I'm pretty sure I broke down in her comments, all whiney and complaining about the peaches up here in Ohio. I probably *sob*'d a bit too, knowing me and my penchance for adding *actions* to get my point across. Can we all say, "Dork"? =)

Wouldn't you know it a few days later Chris e-mailed me asking for my home address. She said she saw something that made her think of me and she wanted to send it along. I was curious and more than a lil excited when I wrote her back and asked, "Is he tall, dark and handsome???" ;) Well "life" butted in again soon after that exchange with Chris and by life, I mean my job, dealing with my Auntie and Alzheimer's and my Mom & a lil health scare (all is fine! Yay!) so any thoughts of Tall, Dark and Handsome, were pretty much crowded out.

Until about a week or so after I received the quince from my sweet friend, Elle. Hubbs called me after he got home from work, AGAIN, to tell me that I had received a box from someone named Chris Asomething (he couldn't pronounce her last name teeee!). I squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'd in excitement and couldn't wait to get home to see what I got! And Ohhh my dear sweet Jebus, I was so not disappointed - laying on my kitchen table was a big box of.. yes, you guessed it - PEACHES!

Ya'll are jealous

I don't think I've opened a box sealed with miles of tape so quickly - I couldn't wait to see them. And then there they were.. each one nestled in it's own cradle of foam, wrapped in pretty green tissue paper.. and the scent? Let's just say, if I could come up with an air freshener that was a cross between Quince and these peaches? I'd so blow Bill Gates outta the water in the next edition of Forbes. har!

Peaches Peach Pie
Peach Pie Peach Pie

I ate one immediately and I couldn't believe how good it was. I believe these peaches came from Oregon (I'm thinking the prime peach season in Georgia was long gone) and all I could think of is if a true Georgia peach tasted even better than this Oregon peach, then I'd probably explode after tasting one. So juicy, so sweet and it tasted like A PEACH. I'll be damned. A peach that tastes like a peach. Who woulda thunk it?

Peach Pie

So without further ado, this is what I baked with my gorgeous peaches - the Piled High Peach pie - just like Chris! I wanted to take something special to my Auntie the next day when Mom and I visited her in the nursing home and I believe, although she's losing her memory at a rapid pace now - that it will be a long time before she forgets this pie.. it was phenomenal. The best peach pie I've ever had - and I believe it was because of the peaches and not so much the recipe.

Peach Pie

Thank you SO MUCH, Chris!! Not only did you make me one of the happiest peach-deprived people in alla world - but you made my Auntie very happy too. And each and every day she is happy means more to me than I could ever say.

Peach Pie


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Comments on "A Peachy Surprise!"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/10/2007 8:33 AM) : 

Simply Peachy :). I love peach pies - they are right up there with apple pie - such a comfort food!


Blogger Cheryl said ... (10/10/2007 8:35 AM) : 

That was so peachy (sorry couldn't stop myself) of Chris to send you those. She is the sweetest.

That is a gorgeous pie too!


Blogger Karen Baking Soda said ... (10/10/2007 9:03 AM) : 

Is there anything better than surprises hidden in miles of tape! (hint hint, nah, just kidding).
What a peachy gesture! Chris, you're so sweet! Sweet pie too.

'kay girls, you'll guess what the keyword is to enter a comment here?


Blogger Deborah said ... (10/10/2007 10:43 AM) : 

It's hard to find many things in my neck of the woods, but luckily when peaches are in season, I can get some really good ones. Which reminds me - I have several peach recipes I haven't blogged about. And now I want this pie!!


Blogger breadchick said ... (10/10/2007 10:50 AM) : 

OH MY GOSH!! Look at that flaky pie crust and those peaches!!

You have great friends ;-)


Blogger KayKat said ... (10/10/2007 10:50 AM) : 

Wow! That pie makes me *drool*! Yay for Lis! Yay for Chris!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/10/2007 11:43 AM) : 

How every nice of her!

And the pie looks AMAZING.


Blogger Brilynn said ... (10/10/2007 11:54 AM) : 

I make a peach pie that has an oatmeal/sourcream/brown sugar topping that's really good too, love peach pie!


Blogger Meeta K. Wolff said ... (10/10/2007 1:34 PM) : 

What a peachy looking pie. Boy it's really been looooong since I made peach pies. This is looking gooood!


Blogger kellypea said ... (10/10/2007 4:54 PM) : 

Lis, omg I am sitting here avoiding my work that will freaking never end and salivating all over my disgusting keyboard. What a lovely surprise for you to enjoy. And the pie. Jeez. I swear when I'm done with this project I'm going to live in my kitchen and cook 'till my fingers fall off. Your pie is killing me...Totally!


Blogger Peabody said ... (10/10/2007 5:33 PM) : 

You are a lucky lady indeed!!! Luckily, here in WA we get some darn good peaches...and a whole lot of other produce too!
What a great looking pie you have there!


Blogger Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said ... (10/10/2007 6:34 PM) : 

A peach pie in October -- what a luxury! It's wonderful to have friends who send food -- they are almost as good as friends who bring food, cook it for you, and clean up afterwards (wait....does anyone have friends like that???).


Blogger glamah16 said ... (10/10/2007 7:13 PM) : 

Both of your pies look amazing. And the crust so flakey!!!!Wanna share your secrets on the crusts? :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/10/2007 7:39 PM) : 

This may just be the BEST THIING I've seen all year!

Woah that pie looks good. So good. Gimme gimme gimme some!!!


Blogger Elle said ... (10/10/2007 8:40 PM) : 

Aww that is soo sweet and you deserve it, too. I'll bet your Auntie will sleep happily with a good, true peach pie in her tummy.


Blogger Chris said ... (10/10/2007 9:02 PM) : 

Way cool, my friend! Thanks for the kind words. The pie looks fantabulous!

My last name...that's a tricky one, which is why many of the kids just call me Dr. A. :) So when the postman delivers my Mr. tall, dark and handsome, hopefully his name will be Jones. :P


Blogger Kalyn Denny said ... (10/10/2007 9:20 PM) : 

Great story! Isn't it so fun to make friends like this who send food!


Blogger Helene said ... (10/11/2007 12:06 AM) : 

Look at that gorgeous crust! Gorgeous! Georgia and SOuth Carolina have great peaches indeed, and awesome watermelon (oops...wrong post!)By the way, I found what you asked me for...ehheheh!!!


Blogger Acme Instant Food said ... (10/11/2007 12:56 AM) : 

I go into such a peach frenzy each summer that I've got about 10 lbs of peaches chopped and frozen in blocks in the freezer. They make for awesome protein smoothies in the winter. That was a lovely post--I think it's so cool that blogging can introduce you to so many fantastic people. *wink*


Blogger Unknown said ... (10/11/2007 1:17 AM) : 

Peach is the third fruit I love after mango and plum. I saw the other day a recipe peach tart and I wish we were in Summer! Oh, Lis! Right now I can just goggling on the screen, and imagining this lovely pie! Dear me.


Blogger Marie Rayner said ... (10/11/2007 1:48 AM) : 

That is a really delicious looking pie! We don't get really good tasting peaches over here. Well, you do, but you have to buy the already ripened fruits, the regular stuff never ripens before it rots and tastes like cardboard. At almost £4 for 4 ripe peaches a pie would be a really expensive venture. I'll just admire yours and dream . . .


Blogger Paula In Pinetop said ... (10/11/2007 9:26 AM) : 

The pie looks wonderful.

We have tons of local apples this year. I made 5 different apple pies this last weekend. The sour cream apple pie from simply recipes took the grand prize.

I also attended a studio tour this weekend and along the way stopped at a lavender growers place where I purchased peach lavender sauce....doesn't that sound yummy?


Blogger Cookie baker Lynn said ... (10/11/2007 10:40 AM) : 

Oh, you've made me so hungry for peach pie! Yours is beautiful and I'm envious of your fabulous, flaky crust.


Blogger Katie Zeller said ... (10/11/2007 3:25 PM) : 

You are so right - nothing beats a perfect peach. What a lovely surprise!


Blogger Morven said ... (10/11/2007 5:12 PM) : 

Oh my goodness - what gorgeous peaches. Your pie looks utterly delicious.

Aren't blog buddies the greatest :-)


Blogger MyKitchenInHalfCups said ... (10/11/2007 5:43 PM) : 

So you didn't have to fight the mail delivery for this one.
There maybe no other fruit harder to pick a good one than a peach. Sometimes even when they smell like a peach they are cardboard and even brown cardboard. And a good peach is heavenly and better than a pear!


Blogger Susan from Food Blogga said ... (10/11/2007 8:28 PM) : 

Well, that's about one of the sweetest stories I've heard in a while. Chris is a doll. And your peach pie is luscious. I said all summer long that I was gonna make a peach pie, and I never did. I'm regretting it now.


Blogger Valerie Harrison (bellini) said ... (10/11/2007 9:50 PM) : 

I didn't realize I was so lucky to have peaches grow prolifically here in the valley. I had a peach tree at the house that had so many peaches that I never got around to doing anything with except.. to give them away. Work gets in the way of so many things. The peach pie looks spectacular!!!!Wish you lived closer you could have my peaches and I could reap the benefits of your baking!


Blogger Lis said ... (10/11/2007 10:35 PM) : 

Sis - I totally agree!
Cheryl - Thanks, sweetie =)
Karen - You crack me up!
Deborah - I can't wait to read/see them!
Mary - I'm a very lucky girl. ;)
Kaykat - Thanks!
Shawnda - Why thanks! =)
Bril - Sounds amazing!!
Meeta - thanks sweetie =)
Kelly - HAHAHA! Oh how I wish you were cookin' for me!
Gracie - Thanks honey!
Lydia - ha! I don't think those kinds of friends exist?
Courtney - Ahhh you caught me! I slaved over a hot cardboard box :P I use Pillsbury Pie Crusts. I know I should be ashamed for not making my own.. but hot damn these are better than any I've made! ;)
Ivonne - One day I will bake for you!!
elle - Thanks, sweetheart xoxo
Chris - HAR! Thank you again! And dear Christ, if the postman delivers you a tall, dark and handsome - gimme the return address, please!??? :D



Blogger Lis said ... (10/11/2007 10:39 PM) : 

Kalyn - I tell ya, the friends I've made - all I can say is that I'm the luckiest gal around. The gifts and lovely surprises are all just bonuses. xoxo

Helene - Uhhmm.. see my response to Courtney up there. *blush*

Arfi - hehe thanks honey!

Marie - Yowza! You aren't kidding - I can't believe how expensive! :(

Paula - That sounds more than lovely! And congrats on the grand prize! =)

Lynn - Thanks =) but I can't take the credit. That doughboy knows what he's doing. ;)

Katiez - One of the best surprises ever!

Morv - I can't imagine life without my blogging buddies!

Tanna - You are so right! The biggest pitfall of the peach is just never knowing.

Susan - Aww.. next summer, maybe?

Val - You are lucky!! And sweetie, I'd like nothing more than to bake for you! Ohh and to be able to read your blog! One day I will figure out what the problem is! Actually, I wrote to Dell.. still waiting for a response.



Blogger Sara said ... (10/12/2007 2:18 AM) : 

ooooooooh peaches! I've never had peach pie, yours looks amazing.


Blogger Belinda said ... (10/12/2007 11:10 AM) : 

Well done, Lisa! You made a gorgeous pie with those beautiful peaches! I tell ya, there isn't much better in life than a slice of fresh peach pie, warm from the oven. :-)


Blogger Orchidea said ... (10/13/2007 9:33 AM) : 

It looks really good... I think I will try this!


Blogger Kelly-Jane said ... (10/13/2007 12:10 PM) : 

My goodness - the wuality of those peaches! Fantastic, and a lovely pie fitting for such lovely produce :)


Blogger lorraine@italianfoodies said ... (10/13/2007 5:03 PM) : 

Lisa I'm in the same boat here, rock hard tasteless peaches. I've had them in Italy and I've died and gone to heaven!!! I'm so jealous they look so good and so does the pie:)


Blogger glamah16 said ... (10/14/2007 5:47 PM) : 

Your secret was my Moms secret too!:-).


Blogger Emily said ... (10/15/2007 3:32 PM) : 

Oh-so-beautiful! Look at that flaky!


Blogger Annemarie said ... (10/15/2007 5:01 PM) : 

that does look so, so good. I adore peaches. You've just reminded me that I have to wait 10 more months until I can taste a juicy fresh one again.


Blogger Brittany said ... (10/17/2007 8:24 PM) : 

ditto what ann marie said. Thanks a lot for making me crave peaches now that I have to wait until next effing AUGUST!!!
We do get some good'ns here in Washington state. Neener neener ;)
That does look like a damn fine pie.


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