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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Exciting News! Also, a New Scallops Recipe!

Thanks to everyone who gave their opinions on the Reynolds Parchment Paper! Daniel wrote and said that he will pass along the comments to Reynolds.. so maybe, just maybe, they'll listen and our parchment paper blues will end! heee!

Has been a pretty busy week.. and I haven't cooked much new and exciting, but I do have some new and exciting news! Tuesday was "Lung Day 2008". Yeah, not a national holiday but a very important date to my mom and myself. Tuesday we went to 2 doctors and they both agreed.. "IT'S NOT A TUMAH!" (Did I sound even remotely like Arnold?) WOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! What a fakkin relief. Talk about being scared out of your mind for 2 months. But it's all good now. :)

(Whoops! For those of you who are lost at this point.. they found "something" on my mom's left lung 2 months ago.. but it was too small to tell exactly what it was.. finally after a very long wait a 2nd CT scan showed it was NOT a tumor)

Anyhoo.. from new and exciting news to a new and exciting recipe that both Hubbs and I loved. Again with the scallops.. his favorite seafood. I was craving pasta like you would not believe so I went in search for a scallops-y pasta-y recipe packed full of deliciousness.

It didn't take long.. I went to Cooking Light's website and found a recipe that sounded pretty good and included ingredients that I had on hand. Bonus! This dish ended up being really, really good. A creamy red pepper and cheese sauce that has outstanding flavor, wrapped around tender scallops and al dente linguine. Superb!

It was super easy to make.. well.. it would be super easy to make for any other person on the face of the planet. All that was required was pulsing the sauce ingredients in the food processor, sautéing the scallops, cooking the pasta until almost done and then baking the whole kit-n-caboodle in my Ohhh so sexy dutch oven.

My new pride and joy =)

Easy peasy, right?

No. Not right. Not even close. If you are me. With the bad juju. Fakk no it was NOT EASY. There's a lesson here, kids.. now pay attention to what I'm about to say..

I've got one of those food processors that has a lid with a shooter tunnel thingie on the side.. you know, it kind of resembles your pet hamster's playground but you'd never let your preshus hamster play in this playground because the hamsters in this neighborhood play with spinning blades. Anyway.. this shooter thingie, I suppose it's got a purpose. I just don't know what it is. Well another little feature that my food processor has is a slit in the lid. And in this slit is a removable plastic blade-like thingie. I never really gave much thought to this removable plastic blade-like thingie other than to wash it once I was finished processing.

So, did it even occur to me that I was headed for a rude awakening when I noticed the lil plastic blade-like thingie wasn't in the slit on the lid? Did I even give it a second thought?

No. No I did not.

I didn't think about it after I threw in the roasted red peppers, the fat-free cream cheese, the salt and the hot water.. I didn't even think about it when my hand pushed the pulse button down.. HELLO! It was at that particular point, when the contents of my processor bowl shot out of the shooter thingie covering my legs, feet, floor, dog dishes, butcher block table and assorted small appliances in a curtain of warm, chunky, liquidy, pink gobble-dee-gook. ewwwwwwwwww!


MOTHER F*CKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SON OF A MOTHERLESS GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!

It was squishy between my toes. That's not such a very good squish. Me no likey.

Thankfully, my sweet male counter-part, heard my "alarm" and came running. After he stopped laughing, he grabbed a bunch of paper towels and started cleaning up the floor so the dogs couldn't OD on pureed cheesy peppers. I waddled on my heels to go hose down my legs and feet. Gah.

And the lesson learned? If you own one of these instruments of Satan, go bury it in the back yard. No, that's too close.. go find a field somewhere and bury it. It probably wouldn't hurt to douse the site in holy water as well. To extreme for you? Then right now.. before you read another word - go find the duct tape and close that side shooter tunnel thingie for good! (and it probably wouldn't hurt to douse the tape in holy water as well)

Satan's Salad  Shooter

Luckily, I had another jar of peppers and more fat-free cream cheese, so I started over, only this time I made sure the f*ckin' plastic blade-like thingie was in the f*ckin' lid of the f*ckin' processor. God.

I have to say.. although I really don't think any recipe is worth what I went through, this one was pretty darned good. Creamy, cheesy, sweet and smokey bell peppery with the bite of the just-done linguine and those scallops were super tender and didn't lose their flavor under the sauce.

I recommend this low-fat / low-cal but doesn't taste low-fat / low-cal recipe! Give it a shot! My only change would be to thin the sauce a little bit.. maybe adding a little of the pepper "juice" next time. Even if you aren't a scallops fan, try it with shrimps (the original recipe actually called for scallops and shrimp - as well as ziti instead of linguine).. or leave the seafood out completely. The sauce would be completely delish over some cheesie ravioli or tortellini.

You can find the recipe here.

Here's my take on the recipe in photographs! And for those of you wondering.. sorry! the camera didn't come out until after my kitchen AND MY TOES were clean.. :)

Baked Linguine with Scallops
First you slather up your sexy dutch oven with a lil olive oil and you slip some linguine in a nice salty bath until it's almost done.

Baked Linguine with Scallops
Then you toss in a lil garlic, finely chopped..

Baked Linguine with Scallops
Finally the scallops go in for a quick sear on each side.

Baked Linguine with Scallops
Once you've seared in the flavor of the scallops, pour that crazy roasted pepper sauce over them.

Baked Linguine with Scallops
Don't forget the linguine!

Baked Linguine with Scallops
What's a lil pasta without some parsley, eh?

Baked Linguine with Scallops
And who would think of putting all that goodness in the oven half-nekked like that?? There's ALWAYS room for an Asiago blanket to keep our scallops toasty warm in that 400º oven!

Baked Linguine with Scallops
Mmmm.. melty cheesie goodness!

Baked Linguine with Scallops
Voila! Slightly blurry, but ohhhh so luscious Baked Sea Scallops and Linguine in Roasted Pepper Sauce! *slurp*


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Comments on "Exciting News! Also, a New Scallops Recipe!"


Blogger Mary said ... (1/17/2008 7:45 PM) : 

Wow that looks really good! Thanks for the giggle about the food processor.
I'm glad to hear your mom is going to be ok!


Blogger Jerry said ... (1/17/2008 8:07 PM) : 

First of all, Thank GOD that your mother is O.K.

Secondly. I haven't laughed so hard in I don't know how long! You wouldn't by any chance own a Black and Decker, would you?


Blogger Peabody said ... (1/17/2008 8:27 PM) : 

Great news about your mom.
The scallops look really good.


Blogger Barbara said ... (1/17/2008 8:29 PM) : 

Great news about your mom.

And a f*ckin' funny story about your adventures with the food processor. Sounds like something I would do.


Blogger Kalyn Denny said ... (1/17/2008 10:25 PM) : 

That's great news about your mom. About the food processor incident, I had to paint my kitchen ceiling over something similar!


Blogger MyKitchenInHalfCups said ... (1/17/2008 10:38 PM) : 

Whee! I've been thinking about you and your mom now for days. You know too much quiet is not a good thing. Delighted with the mom news.
Now about this food processor thingie you have, what sort of name is on that thing. I do want to stay clear of it. Gad you can get funny, glad you hubby could laugh. And you were in heels, did I read that right?
The scallops look great, love cooking light!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1/17/2008 11:03 PM) : 

I am happy for you and your mom that it was not a tumor. That is a big relief.

And that recipe sounds great. I love scallops, though I don't eat them very often. This is a good excuse to make them.



Blogger Valerie Harrison (bellini) said ... (1/17/2008 11:05 PM) : 

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger Valerie Harrison (bellini) said ... (1/17/2008 11:09 PM) : 

It looks like you had some comedy relief during the whole tummah scare. Thank goodness everyone got a good bill of health. The end result of this dish was worth all the aggravation with the food processor. I wonder if the pepper/cream cheese would be good with chicken as well?


Blogger glamah16 said ... (1/17/2008 11:37 PM) : 

I'm so happy about your Mom. You gave me a goos laugh as well. I guess we all have those moments.


Blogger Karen Baking Soda said ... (1/18/2008 1:51 AM) : 

Happy news about yr mom, great!

Ah, how I know that squishy feeling, and 4 men in my kitchen howling with laughter at their banana gunk covered mama...
It's only 7.39 and you made me LOL!


Blogger Veron said ... (1/18/2008 8:15 AM) : 

First of all, thank goodness that your mom is fine!
Second...thanks for the good laugh. I can just imagine all that squishy stuff shooting out. Uh...I think that happened with me when I put hot liquid in a blender. The steam popped the lid and I had pureed cauliflower on my hair, chair and everywhere!


Blogger Lis said ... (1/18/2008 12:58 PM) : 

Mary - Thanks!

Jerry - hehehee It's a Hamilton Beach.

Gracie - Thanks sweetie!

Barbara - HAR! I see you are feeling my pain. :D

Kalyn - Oh no!! Then I guess I'm glad the thing was pointing down towards the floor.. easier clean up. hehee

Tanna - I've updated the post with a picture of the offending appliance for you. :) No.. not wearing heels.. hehee was bare foot, and when I walked I didn't want my toes to touch the floor while I was trying to get back to our bathroom to clean up.. so I waddle/walked on my heels with my toes in the air. :D

Ben - An excellent excuse! Try and lemme know. :)

Vallie sweetie - I never thought about another protein with this sauce, but you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! I think chicken would be uber yummy!

Courtney - hehe thanks =) And you are right, we all do have these moments. Good to be able to think back and laugh. :)

Karen - hehe am glad I've just got one man laughin at me. ;)

Sis! I can just picture your face the minute the cauliflower hit and you realized what happened.. priceless! hahahahaa! xoxo


Blogger Deborah said ... (1/18/2008 1:04 PM) : 

So good to hear some good news about your mom!

That would have been a sight to see...I once forgot to turn off the kitchen aid before lifting the top - what a mess that made!

This dish sounds amazing!


Blogger Brilynn said ... (1/18/2008 10:53 PM) : 

The dutch oven is seriously sexy...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1/18/2008 11:14 PM) : 

That is fantastic news about your mom. What a relief!


Blogger Helene said ... (1/19/2008 12:04 AM) : 

Yeah for Mama!! That darn stupid food processor..I had green soup exploding on my walls at the old house before...we called it the "Alien Puke" shade!
The scallop dish looks awesome!


Blogger creampuff said ... (1/19/2008 12:52 PM) : 

As I told you during the week, I'm so happy to hear that your mommy is okay!

After reading your post I was laughing so hard that my family thinks I'm a bit ga-ga.

Not that I mean to laugh at your pain but that is one funny story! Don't you just love kitchen gadgets!


Blogger Jenny said ... (1/19/2008 10:56 PM) : 

I was so busy cheering the news about your mom that I forgot to laugh at your feet and floor!
PS I've never seen a food processor like that before - where was it spawned?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1/19/2008 11:32 PM) : 

LIS, I love the step by step by step by step by step pics of your recipe! its a step in the right direction.


Blogger kellypea said ... (1/20/2008 7:16 PM) : 

Goodness, Lis. The images of hampsters and that tube...Whoa. But the linguine? Y.U.M. We love it! Hugs to your that your mom is doing well. Sigh.


Blogger Heather said ... (1/20/2008 10:37 PM) : 

I knew that when I headed over to your blog after a little hiatus that I would find something to laugh at err about.
while I am sorry about your food processor debacle, I am happy that the dish turned out. I would have cried and went to bed, I am a big baby like that.

Good news about your mom.


Blogger Elle said ... (1/20/2008 11:49 PM) : 

Damn! was hoping for a photo of those cute toes covered with gloppy, squishy pepper and cream cheese sauce. Still, the final photo is gorgeous and makes me want to go cook some, even though I've already eaten just a little while ago. Thanks for a yummy recipe.
So glad you mom's spot wasn't a tumor. My mom's was, but she is six years post treatment for lung cancer and doing great! Do celebrate with your's REALLY good news that it wasn't a tumor.


Blogger Katie Zeller said ... (1/21/2008 3:32 PM) : 

Let's see:
1. Congrats on the good news...what a relief!
2. Recipe looks yummy, I'll try it but skip the 'squishy between the toes' part.
3. I live fairly close to Lourdes so if you want, I could run over and get you a couple of gallons of holy water... Just to be safe...


Blogger Tracy said ... (1/21/2008 9:01 PM) : 

LOVED your post! I do that kind of thing (spewing stuff all over everything) on a fairly regular basis. And my husband always laughs. Glad your mom is ok.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1/21/2008 9:56 PM) : 

Scallops... drool.
Glad your mom's ok!


Blogger Cakelaw said ... (1/22/2008 9:25 PM) : 

Yum Lis! Love those scallops.


Blogger Meeta K. Wolff said ... (1/25/2008 8:14 AM) : 

Great news about your mum Lis. I can imagine what the waiting was like.

Your scallop dinner looks too good!


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