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Thursday, August 17, 2006

For Ellie..

As promised.. here's that close up of my Leezard.. she's pretty cool, eh? Beth, my friend that is the talented painter who done up my house for me, did an outstanding job. When we were discussing the mural, I asked if she'd include the lizard (and I really don't know why?) then we started joking around about it and I joked that it'd be funny if he had a lil sombrero.. so she stuck that in too.. hehe

My Leezard

Okay I'm off to bed!



Comments on "For Ellie.."


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8/18/2006 12:01 PM) : 

Aww!! He's so little and cute and innocent looking! And I totally dig his tiny little sombrero! Your friend is a very talented to have painted such a thing of extreme cuteness!

*still awwww-ing away in zee corner*


Blogger Lis said ... (8/19/2006 6:44 AM) : 

hehehe am glad you like my lil leezard! :D


Blogger Gattina Cheung said ... (8/21/2006 7:19 AM) : 

Oh what a great painting! Now I want so salsa too, hehee...


Blogger Lis said ... (8/22/2006 5:58 AM) : 

gattina - lol yes the lil lizard does bring out a festive mood, doesn't it? =)


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