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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


No Daring Cook challenge for me this month.. I'm sad to say this is becoming a habit, me not making my DB or DC challenges.. I feel like I'm letting my "team" down.

I really don't have an excuse either. I guess I just wasn't feeling very Daring in the cooking department this month. I apologize to all the other DC's who were feeling Daring and to our Host, Sketchy. I'm really sorry I didn't participate.

Please check out the other fantastic and so very, very talented Daring Cooks.. I've seen a few "previews" and I was blown away from their creativity. Check them out HERE!!

Don't forget.. today is the LAST day you can sign up to be a Daring Cook on the Daring Kitchen to participate in August's challenge. If you sign up tomorrow you must wait until September's challenge. So hurry up and register!

Also.. don't forget we've got many extremely talented and creative non-blogging members who participate each month.. they post their challenges right on the Daring Kitchen website and you can read/see them HERE!